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If you’re fully registered and in the FREE tier group chat, you now have the chance to upgrade to Full Membership. Full membership unlocks the whole calendar of events for the 2022 season and much more. Keep reading to find out more or purchase now using the link below:

Hello 2022 Full Membership

We thank you for your interest in upgraded Full Membership to our private supercar owners club.

We’ve seen over 150 new club members join up in 2021 and with full member places limited to 200, we are anticipating the biggest ever demand. Once we hit our 200 maximum, we will be once again operating a waiting list system for future full memberships.

Limited to just 200 places

It’s more than just a supercar club, it’s a social life, it’s a hobby in its own right. This coupled with the ever-increasing levels of discount from sponsors, now is the time for you to secure your 2022 season membership.

2022 Full Membership offers you the following:

  • Limited Edition 2022 Membership Welcome Pack (see below for details)
  • Full Member Messenger Chat – limited to just 200 members, not as busy as many car related group chats. Only fully paid up members allowed in this chat.
  • Exclusive Website Content – access to the restricted areas of our website
  • Event Calendar – Around 25 annual car and lifestyle events to come along to including breakfast spirited drives
  • Expand your Social & Business Network – meet new friends or discuss business with a whole network of like-minded people of all ages
  • Club Display Stands – display your car alongside fellow members on one of our club stands at a whole host of events throughout the year
  • Annual Awards Ceremony – join us at a prestige venue each year to see if you have picked up one of the prestige crystal trophies!
  • Access to all 5 (and growing) specialist Closed Facebook Groups – these include:
  • -: ‘General Chat’ Closed Facebook Group to discuss car-related topics and refer back to later. For chatting, mixing and sharing car related photos, stories and questions with fellow members
  • -: ‘Buying & Selling’ Closed Facebook Group to buy or sell supercars or supercar parts & merchandise
  • -: ‘Business Networking’ Closed Facebook Group – advertise your business, browse your fellow colleagues businesses, ask a business question, share your knowledge
  • -: ‘Golf Club’ Closed Facebook Group – play golf at courses around the south, some of which you wouldn’t normally have access to
  • -: ‘Home Cinema & Hifi’ Closed Facebook Group – discuss your system and ask questions to club sponsor Zebra Home Cinema about ways to improve your set up
  • Exclusive Discounts – get your membership fee back in discounts at any of our exclusive club sponsors or brand partners. We have a variety of discounts on all sorts of products and services inc main dealers
  • Restricted to 200 total Full (and VIP) Members – Our club will be the most exclusive supercar owners club in the UK
  • Dedicated Club Wealth Manager – via our partners, you will have your own personal advisor that will visit your home (or a mutually agreeable meeting location) to assist and advise you with your financial planning.
  • Loyalty League – compete on a friendly basis by earning loyalty points by attending events, helping arrange events, or bringing and implementing new ideas to the club. The top 3 most loyal members earn a trophy at the end of the year!
  • Access to The Kennels at Goodwood – our unofficial club house. Join us at this prestige members-only club house (via our Goodwood GRRC Members)

*Membership packs will be sent out via courier in approx 2 weeks after the order is placed, where stock is available.

Price: £125

Upgrade Now to 2022 Full Membership

Limited to just 200 members in total, we are the most exclusive car club in the UK

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What comes in the Full Membership Pack?

Black Stainless Steel Membership Card in presentation box
Black (or Navy) ‘Full Member’ Polo Shirt
Black ‘Full Member’ Cap with Red paneling, red and white stitched logo, and white piping
Black Full Member Lanyard
2022 Full Member Lanyard Event Card
2022 Car Window Sticker
2022 enamel Pin Badge in presentation box
Welcome card from the club
Four Marks Supercar Club ‘Full Member’ PRESENTATION Box

Price: £125

  • Stainless Steel Membership Card
> FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I change my car and the car I buy is no longer on the qualifying car list (even though my previous car qualified), can I renew and attend events?

A: Yes, you can renew and attend events, but you will need to be a passenger all the while the car you drive does not appear in the qualifying car list. Please speak to admin to help arrange passenger rides if need be.

Q: When will I get my members pack?

A: We hope to get your pack to you before the end of January but supply chains in all industries have been affected by Covid and we are still awaiting delivery of some elements to your pack.

Q: When does the 2022 membership expire?

A: The membership year runs until the end of December 2022, regardless of when the membership is purchased.