Our Annual Mega Meet | Hampshire

Each year we get all our tiers of membership together for one mega meet. For the last few years, we’ve held this in partnership with the Steeleford Supercar Show at Stansted House in Rowlands Castle, a beautiful stately home and grounds in the Hampshire countryside.

For 2022 we joined Steeleford once again and displayed around 135 of our club cars in front of the main house.

Photo by @BH1Photography

Club sponsor Premier GT provided hospitality and a lounge area for all drivers of the display cars. Premier GT also brought with them a selection of their luxury and supercars from their current inventory which were beautifully displayed, and scattered between the driver’s lounge seating area.

Club sponsor Zebra Home Cinema provided our resident DJ Dr. Gekko who was spinning summer club vibes from our Spaceship Marquee at the heart of the venue.

Watch the entire 2022 set here

Other club sponsors were also in attendance. These included MAP Financial, as well as Systems2 Consulting, and Luxuria Property.

Another major highlight of this year’s mega meet was the Red Bull Racing car we hired to be displayed in front of our marquee. Needless to say, this caused quite a stir when the public arrived!

Another highlight of this year’s mega meet was started when one of our club members asked instead of joining us in his McLaren 720s, could he arrive in his helicopter!

With a bit of back and forth with the venue, we managed to get clearance. Then he wanted his mate to join him in his other helicopter! Yep, let’s have both helicopters arrive!

Club member on approach in his helicopter

See the venue from the sky as Corey approaches and sets down at the event in this video.

Unlike last year, the weather this year was a scorcher from the get go! It was fantastic to have so many club members in one place at the same time.

This was our single biggest meet ever and it was great to be able to share it with the public who flocked to see all the cars.


We’d first like to say thanks to Steeleford Events who put together a fantastic day for us all.

To Premier GT for hosting us in the drivers lounge

Zebra Home Cinemas who set the summer vibe with some chilled Ibiza tunes

To the set up crew Andy M, Tony G, Mark H and Greg G who gave up their morning the day before to get the venue set up and ready.

To our awesome photographers Paul Tallant, Mark Houldridge, Michael Guy & Mach1 Photography who gave up their day to capture the event in all its glory.

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