Alton Breakfast Meet

The third event of the season was a swelteringly hot Sunday morning at the Departure Lounge Cafe in Alton.  We had a special space allocated for us to showcase a selection of our members pride and joys. 

A beautiful morning, a good breakfast, lots of banter, and a good old chit-chat. One of the highlights of the day had to be club admin Kate deciding to try and sit on the bonnet of her BMW for a photo. Let’s just say it turned into one huge fail of an attempt…

Club Cars on the list… 

  • Alpina B5 – Jules S
  • BMW M2 Competition – Alex B
  • Lexus RCF – Cezar B
  • Alpine A110 – Michael W
  • Audi TTS – Jay J 
  • BMW M4 – Davy T
  • Ford Mustang – James C
  • Audi RS3 – Ryan T
  • Alpina B5s – Steve E
  • BMW M235i – Andy M
  • Audi RS4 – Mark P
  • Porsche Boxster – Tina DLC
  • Lotus Exige S 280 – Lee D
  • BMW M3 – Jason M
  • Mercedes AMG C63s – Dave S
  • BMW M4 Competition – Mark L 
  • Porsche 911 Carrera 2 – Simon G
  • Aston Martin Vantage – Phillip S
  • BMW M135i – Kate L
  • BMW M5 – Karl C
  • Ford Mustang – Jonathon B
  • BMW M4 Competition – Jules K

To sum up the event, it was a glorious morning with lots of fun and banter between members both new and old. 

Thanks to everyone that attended, Ed Keating at EDK Media for getting some cracking shots and Kate L for organising the event. 

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Gallery by EDK Media

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