Alzheimer’s Society

Alzheimer’s Society

We’re here, so how can we help?

Our Annual Goal£5,200£10,000

We’re here, so how can we help?

Living with dementia at any time brings challenges. The coronavirus is making daily life much harder. But you’re not alone. If you need support and advice, we are here for you.

Why campaign with us?

We want to create a world where every person affected by dementia gets the support and care they deserve, where dementia research is well-funded, and where people living with dementia don’t face unnecessary barriers to living fulfilling lives.

Our campaigns are directly rooted in the experiences of people affected by dementia. We work to amplify their voices. This gives our campaigns the expertise and authority to engage policy and decision-makers and, crucially, change things for the better. 

What are we campaigning for?

Through our influencing work, we are committed to campaigning for:

  1. People affected by dementia must be protected from further effects and impact of COVID-19, now and in the future. 
  2. They must have access to the rehabilitation support they need, following a year of interrupted health and social care.
  3. Dementia diagnosis and healthcare planning services should resume, reinstated in a way that is appropriate for people affected by dementia. 

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