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When supercar club member Dean S decided to upgrade his daily, he turned to club partner Harwoods to make the upgrade! He was so happy with the experience, he decided to write a mini review on the car and his buying experience. Check out Dean’s thoughts below:

I’d planned to change the family car, a 2010 Ford Smax, this year. It was a great car and the 7 seats came in handy once or twice a year but with the 2 oldest children now driving themselves I felt an estate car would suit our 2+2+dog family.

I looked around and considered a more basic new car but then discovered I could get a nearly new, fully loaded premium car that appealed more. I decided on an Audi A6 Avant 2.0 TDi Quattro S-line.

My wish list included the technology pack (giving the digital dashboard) and the comfort pack (upgraded sound system, 360-degree cameras, and interior lighting).

The car would be parked outside on the drive so I didn’t want black which is quite a popular/common colour. My Maserati is black and it looks lovely when clean but doesn’t stay clean very long.

I contacted a number of Audi Dealers including Harwoods and gave them my requirements as was happy to wait for the right car.

Some other dealerships said I wouldn’t get want I wanted, some said my budget wasn’t enough. However, within two weeks I was contacted by Jenny at Harwoods Five Oaks who had found a car at their Southampton branch (they’ve got over 30 dealerships spreading across the South).

She offered to transport the car to Five Oaks but I was happy to visit the car at its location and started negotiating with Mark in Southampton.

In these difficult, Covid-19, times the branch was well set up for social distancing and the non-contact arrangements meant I went on a test drive alone. The car just what I was looking for, and for a good price.

Documents were emailed and were signed electronically, and within a week I was back to pick up my White A6 Avant Quattro.

0-60 in about 7.5sec and 60mpg – certainly quicker and more fuel-efficient than the Smax despite still being a 2.0 TDI.

Technology has moved on since the 2010 Ford and the Audi does not disappoint with its internet connectivity, stop-start engine, and 360-degree cameras plus much more.

Harwoods were excellent and highly recommended – a fabulous dealership partner for the club.

Mark even arranged a contact-free personal video on the day of collection and was a pleasure to deal with from start to finish.

I’m having a dashcam fitted and then the car will be going to Gemclean (our detailing club partner) for them to work their magic.

Now I just need the sun to shine and join some of the performance car events to get out there and show it off!

Result? (Very) Happy thanks, to Harwoods.

Dean S – Maserati GranTurismo


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