Member’s New Car Reveal

31st May 2020

We are excited to announce this new feature for full members. Whenever you change your car, whether it’s new or used, this is a big deal for you and possibly one of the most exciting things going on for you at that point in your life.

Why not ramp up the excitement by booking one of our totally free to Full Members ‘Member’s New Car Reveal’.

What’s a Members new car reveal?

OK, you take a delivery of a different supercar. When/If you collect it from a showroom, normally they like to make a fuss of you on your exciting day. We want to recreate this excitement at your first outing with the club following collection of your car.

How will this work?

Most of our events start with a central meet, followed by a convoy to a venue. The plan would be to have you, and your new car, arrive 15-20 mins early, park in a prominent location where we can throw our our reveal silk over the car so that when the rest of the members arrive, they see your car covered. We can then gather around the car to reveal it, all the while filming the uncovering to later show on the event page for the day.

We think you’ll agree, this is an exciting idea and will add additional value to being one of the inner circle members.

Not done by any other club, lets see how long it takes for other clubs to copy!

About our cover

We have sourced our cover from the manufacture that supplies the OE covers for Aston Martin, Bentley, Rolls Royce & Koenigsegg. Therefore the quality is the absolute highest available and will really add to the prestige of revealing your car.

Book Your Reveal

Terms & Conditions

The reveal option works on a first come, first served basis as there may be more than one new car attending an event.

ONLY very clean cars will be revealed. A little travel dust, the odd fly debris is acceptable and in keeping with the drive to the meeting point. If the car arrives dirty or wet, the reveal will sadly not be possible.

No liability to the club or it’s volunteers is accepted for any damage or scratches that are unlikely to occur during the reveal process. The silk will be periodically washed to ensure no dust has been picked up.