Charity Partnership – Chestnut Tree House

We are delighted to have Chestnut Tree House as our official 2020 Charity Partner!

There are hundreds of children and young people in your local community who are unlikely to reach adulthood. And even more parents and family members who need care, help and support on their journey, as they do not know how long they will have together.

From special days out to the every day at home, you help children and their families make the most of every moment together.

Special outings to the beach, the woods or the park. The chance to experience the wonder of weightlessness in a hydrotherapy pool. Time for parents to just be parents, and not carers. Time to say goodbye.

Your help enables families to spend time together. Precious moments that give a lifetime of memories.

Your support makes all of this happen at Chestnut Tree House.

For today. For tomorrow. For the Now.

What can I do to help?

We will be setting up a JustGiving page to allow people to make donations throughout the year. We will also be collecting on behalf of CTH at our future events. Please look out for the collection buckets that will be popping up!

If you need any help or advise on how you can help the club raise funds for CTH, please get in touch with me,

Jenny Baker-Carr – Head of Charity Partnerships

Jenny Baker-Carr – Head of Charity Partnerships