Drone Flying

31st dcecember 2020


After tonight, the law is changing to who and where you can fly your drone. To fly a drone legally in the UK, you will continue to need to have sat both an Operator & Flyer examination and be registered with the Civil Aviation Authority.

In order for us to ensure our members safety, we are making some changes to the clubs drone flying policy at our events.

If you would like to fly a drone of any size at any of our events, you will first need to register you and your drone with us.

We will need a copy of the email confirming your CAA registration details and IDs so that we can hold these on file. Only the person registered with us will be authorised to fly a drone at our events.

Drone Flying

What do I do next?

If you would like or plan to use your drone at one of our future events, you must ensure you have completed and agree to all of the following steps:

  • Send us an email with your certificate information from the CAA confirming your registration along with your Operator and Flyer ID’s and expiry dates.
  • Have your Operator ID clearly displayed on your drone
  • Only once you have received a confirmation from us in writing are you authorised to fly a drone at one of our events.
  • You must of course observe the Drone Code when operating a drone at one of our events. More information on the Drone Code by visiting https://dronesafe.uk/
  • You take full legal and financial responsibility for flying your drone at our events and indemnify the club of any liability.

If you haven’t yet registered or sat your exams, you can visit the Civil Aviation Authority website and do this before you contact us.

At each event

Once registered with us, please make sure you get verbal authority to fly your drone from a Club Representative at each and every event you plan to fly at. This will allow the club to monitor who is flying and how many drones are in the air at any one time. The club may also have some specific-to-event rules about drone flying that may change from one event to another.

If you have any questions about any of the above, please contact admin via a direct message or via email.

Drone flying 2