Supercar Club | Limited Edition Membership

Congratulations, you’ve managed to secure your Limited Edition ‘Full Membership’ for the rest of 2020!

Now you’re a full member, we need to add extra functionality for you. Please follow this on-boarding tutorial to ensure you make the most of membership.

Step 1 – Getting you into the Full Members Chat thread

You don’t need you to do anything about this as we will do this for you. We will welcome you into that chat as soon as possible, like we did for the free tier, but this chat is only for people that have paid, like yourself. Keep your eyes peeled for this new thread to pop up!

Step 2 – Getting Access To Restricted Website Content

So that you can view special Full-Members-Only content on our website (including the club calendar), we need to get you to do another quick form fill, if that’s ok?

PLEASE NOTE: Your username must have at least 8 characters

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Step 3 – Limited Edition Members Pack

So that we can build your tailored members pack, please drop admin a quick message via Facebook with the size of your polo shirt. We stock different sizes but we do occasionally run out.

Here is a size guide for your reference:

Your members pack will be handed to you at the first event you attend (that the club founder Greg attends with you), or you can collect your pack from Club HQ in Four Marks. Contact Greg to arrange collection, if this is your choice (sorry, posting is not an option due to it’s size etc).

Use this button to get on and go to our Facebook Page so that you can message them, specifying your polo size, before you forget!

Step 4 – Closed Facebook Groups

Closed Facebook Groups are designed to be a private forum (away from your public Facebook profile) to discuss new topics or browse previous discussions. They are intended to deflect some conversations away from the Messenger thread to keep your notifications down, and to make sure people can return and view certain subjects at a later date.

There is presently 3 different groups to chose from, these are as follows:

As this is open to all club members, you may already be in this group. If not, please go ahead and join, it sometimes takes up to 7 days for your access to be granted, so please be patient.

This is also open to all club members so you may already be in this club. If not, it’s a place to buy and sell supercar related items. This could be your supercar, supercar parts, supercar accessories, pictures or other memorabilia. Feel free to join this group and reach your fellow club members with your car or items.

Again, it sometimes takes up to 7 days for your access to be granted, so please be patient.

This is only available to Full Members. As that’s exactly what you are, this is for you. Promote your business, browse your fellow member’s businesses, ask a business question or offer advice, it’s up to you.

Once again, it sometimes takes up to 7 days for your access to be granted, so please be patient.

Phew!! OK, That’s a Wrap!

Congrats on getting this far! Please look out for the emails that will follow, confirming your website access etc. You can then crack on and browse the club calendar, discounts on offer to you and get booking!

We’re excited to see you at your first event!

If you have any questions regarding any of the above, please message us via our Facebook page.