Loyalty Points & VIP

What are they and how do I earn them?

Our club runs a loyalty scheme which rewards the top 10 most loyal club members with VIP Membership. At the end of each year there are also awards for the top 3 highest loyalty points holders at our glamorous Awards Evening held at different locations across the south.

VIP membership extends you early access to premium and limited number events throughout the year. As a VIP, you also get a voice as to how the club is run and how you want to see the club develop, moving forward.

Loyalty points are accumulated between January and December each year but are then reset for the following year.

Loyalty points can be earned in a number of ways but ultimately, they are there to encourage people to come to more and more events. As a general rule, the more cars attend an event, the more fun and exciting they tend to be. More variety of cars, more choice of personality, more noise and more memories!

Attending Events

The simple way to collect loyalty points is to attend events, the more events you come to, the more points get added to your account.

Own more than one supercar? Register multiple cars that you own with the club and then have a friend drive your other car(s) and get double points on each event attended.

How do we define a ‘Club Event’?

A club event is where an event has been discussed in the group chat, sufficient interest has been expressed for admin to create a break out chat for it. The only other criteria is that a club member has taken responsibility for the event and provides a write up and photos from the event.

Interested in becoming one of the FMCC event crew? Contact admin for more information.

Extraordinary Club Contribution

There is occasionally a monthly Group Contribution Award to the member that has made a notable contribution. This might be social media exposure for the group, arranged a event or some other group beneficial activity.

20 Points go to any member that is recognised for a significant club contribution.

Organising a Club Event

Another way to gain loyalty points is to organise an event at a venue. That means, emailing the event, getting prices, negotiating discount where possible, arranging reserved parking and generally overseeing the smooth running of the event.

20 loyalty points go to anyone arranging an event that goes ahead plus 5 points for each car you take.

If you would like to plan an event, best speak to Admin first, just in case there is already dialogue open with that event venue.