Membership for 2020

Before we start, if after reading the below, you have questions or queries, there is a FAQ section at the bottom of this page. Please read this before contacting admin, thank you.

For the past 4 years our club has been a free-to-join club and has relied on voluntary donations to cover the cost of the club’s running expenses. We, therefore have a disparity between people paying and people not.

Moving forward, we don’t think this is a fair and reliable enough way to generate funds and continue the progress of the club to meet with everyone’s expectations. We have therefore decided upon a fairer strategy, one consistent with continuity and progressing the club.

Looking to 2020, the clubs 5th anniversary, we want to improve the club brand perception to ensure we are included at the best events. We hope to move towards a brand that better represents the types of cars we are driving and that of a limited number, high-profile supercar owners club.

One key aspect of the club over other big-name clubs, is the huge diversity of car brands that we keep. We feel this diversity is one of our big selling points that we want to maintain.

With a sensible budget, we will be able to improve the club and make our club second to none. The goal is for our club membership to be the most desirable supercar club in the UK. We want you to be proud to be a member of our club.

With this in mind, we have decided, with the help of some of the VIP club members, to introduce a minimum donation to be a member of the club.

Annual Membership will now be: £120

Other memberships to give you a cost comparison:

– Goodwood GRRC Membership £235 (very few events arranged)
– Supercar Driver Membership £350 (no events in the south of the UK)

Club Admin

This minimum donation equates to just £10 per month which we are determined to be excellent value for money. This will cover the costs of our existing ongoing expenses and give us the opportunity to expand and acquire more club benefiting assets, services, and infrastructure.

As was the case in 2019, the club will continue to be a not for profit club and 100% of every penny raised for the club will go back into the club to further add appeal to club membership and further increase member benefits. To clarify, the organiser’s time, energy, enthusiasm will continue to be free and voluntary for the good of the club, again for the fifth year running. But, we will be looking to club members to play their part, where possible, to assist the club in any way they can. Bring to the club any and every benefit they have at their disposal for the good and benefit of all.

Full Member Benefits

For the annual donation of £120, each member will get the following benefits:

  • Membership Pack (see below for details)
  • Around 20 annual car and lifestyle events to come along to (we’ve had 19 so far this year)
  • First-refusal on limited number events
  • Supercar Club Parking at Premium Third-Party Events
  • Add your business to the Members Business Directory
  • Exclusive Discounts to a variety of Brands (looking to expand this in 2020)
  • New ‘2020 Full Member’ break out group-chat
  • ‘2020 Full Member’ window sticker
  • Limited to just 200 members, this will be the most exclusive supercar owners club in the UK
  • After 200 members are reached, new applications will be put on a waiting list
  • End of year celebration that will be free for full members. The event will include an entrance ticket, live band, food, drink
  • Dedicated club Wealth Manager via St James Place available to assist you with your financial planning. Exclusive 10% discount on their services
  • We have 3 major sponsors for 2020 – each offers discounts or savings. One supplier will even repay your membership fee for 2020 if you use their services
  • Other discounts still under negotiations

Plans and wish list for next year is:

  • Security Marshals at Events ensuring your car doesn’t get touched
  • Volunteer Club Support Vehicle
  • 2 x Club Flags small with bases
  • 2 x Club Flags large with bases
  • White and/or Red Gazebo
  • Ropes & Poles for events
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Various website upgrades, for example: membership area
  • Marketing Software Upgrades
  • CRM System Upgrades
  • UK & European Tour(s)
  • Track Days
  • Charity Fundraising Days & Events
  • Charity Partner
  • Main Dealer Relationships/Discounts
  • Business Networking Events
  • More lifestyle-focused events
  • Private box at Goodwood Racecourse (member donated)
  • Main Dealer Relationships
  • Club iPhone app

If anyone has any questions regarding any of the above upgrades for next year, or you can offer your assistance or contacts, please let us know via a private message.

Membership Pack

Your membership pack will consist of the following:

Black Stainless Steel Membership Card

This premium matte black membership card is cut from thick stainless steel, embossed to the front, membership number and your individual QR code laser engraved to the rear. The card is presented to you in its very own embossed matte black presentation box with our new silver logo on top. More akin with jewelry, you may choose to keep it safe at home!

Black ‘Full Member’ Polo Shirt

In a size to suit you, this classy black polo has our new logo stitched to the front left breast in white, plus an unmistakable ‘Full Member’ stitched declaration above.

Black ‘Full Member’ Cap

Only available to Full Members, this classy black ‘sandwich’ cap with contrasting ‘club red’ will set you apart from the rest at any car meet. A level up on the 2019 cap!

Black ‘Full Member’ Lanyard

Only available to Full members, this luxury 20mm black lanyard has a silky smooth texture and is printed with Four Marks Supercar Club in contrasting white to really stand out.

2020 Membership Lanyard Event Card

To complement your club lanyard, this large plastic ‘Full Member 2020’ card is the one you’ll want to bring out to each meet or event. Printed both sides, this beautifully created matte card with gloss overlay you’ll want to wear to every event!

Mobile Phone, SmartWatch & Desktop Wallpapers

Available via a digital download, a carefully created high-resolution recreation of the lanyard membership card is available in an aspect ratio perfect for the modern mobile phone and smartwatch. Different colour accent variants are available inc grey, black or red with carbon fibre. A constant reminder of your qualification into our exclusive club! Desktop wallpapers also available.

2020 Car Window Sticker

Make sure everyone knows you have qualified for our exclusive membership by displaying your 2020 Membership sticker proudly in the window of your car. Featuring our new logo and branding.

Welcome card from the club

Matte laminated card welcome’s you to our exclusive club.

Four Marks Supercar Club ‘Full Member’ PRESENTATION Box

All the above items arrive in a matte black card presentation box laser embossed with our new logo in silver on the top, hinged lid and magnetic fastener complete the membership pack.

Guaranteed VIP 2020 Membership Upgrade

Limited to just 20 places, guarantee your way to the 2020 VIP Club instantly from day 1 and for the whole of 2020.

  • Gain instant VIP Status within the club
  • VIP only group chat where invitations to premium events go first
  • Start influencing changes and progress within the club
  • Option to become our accounts auditor
  • Exclusive ‘VIP’ branded Merchandise (Pick your own colour Polo too!)
  • Exclusive ‘VIP’ branded window sticker in a different colour to standard membership
  • Exclusive ‘VIP’ branded stickers (put one on your tool box or your laptop)
  • Every penny goes to improve the club
  • Once 20 places are purchased, this option will be removed
VIP Membership £195

Need more gear?

Spare polo shirts, caps, lanyards etc will be available in the club shop exclusively for Full Members only.

Signing Up

To kick start your 2020 membership and get your gear earlier than anyone else, simply make a bank transfer donation of either £120 or £195 (or more) to our club bank account using the following details:

Bank: Barclays

A/C: 73051692

Sort: 20 11 43

Ref: Your Full Name

You may wish to drop us a DM (ideally via our Facebook page) so that we can confirm receipt of your membership donation.

REMEMBER: This is a minimum donation and any amount over the £120 will attract additional loyalty points at 1 per £ over.

Please Note

Some of the details of the membership pack are subject to change until the initial order is placed. Membership packs scheduled for delivery to us for the first week in December and will be issued on a first purchased, first to receive basis.

There will be a limited run of polos in a variety of sizes. It could be that one size sells out early and then it may be necessary to go on a pre-order waiting list for the next round.

If selecting the VIP package, you will go on a pre-order waiting list for your polo shirt. You will get to specify your individual size, prior to ordering. You will also get the choice of 3 colours to have yours in.

There is no discount if membership is renewed partially through the year. So to get maximum benefit, early renewal is recommended.

Looking back at 2019 – Event Summary

Not all of you have been in the club for the whole of 2019, therefore we have put an event summary below, mainly with a hyperlink to events pages, below to fill you in or jog your memory of the past 10 months of 2019.

Frequently asked Questions

This section I will update with any new questions that get asked.

I would like to renew but my car no longer qualifies?

If you are one of the few early bird members that joined with a car that no longer qualifies, first of all, don’t panic. We’ve always said ‘once you’re in, you can renew each year’.

So, if you are reading this, that means you can renew your membership!

However, PLEASE NOTE: if you do NOT renew your membership before the end of the year, you will only be allowed to rejoin the club with a qualifying car.

Will it be cheaper if I join in March 2020 time?

No, the minimum donation is £120 regardless of what time you join so early subscription is the best value.

Will there be any transparency in the Accounts? How do we know the club funds are not being siphoned off?

Yes there will. An independent adjudicator from the VIP group will be voted in to review the accounts for 2019 and will have sight of the 2020 accounts periodically throughout the year.

I already pay £120 for an owners club (or other) membership from a much bigger organisation, why would I pay this for such a small club?

The owners clubs typically have around 1500 upwards in members all paying. They are often a business and people get paid to organise your events, therefore a significant amount of the membership fees gets spent on wages.

Because they have more members, they can generate significantly more funds than our much more exclusive club. But we want at least the same facilities (or better) than them. Scale of economies mean we have to charge this in order to generate the same amount of necessary funds.

The good news is none of our donation money is spent on wages so every penny gets invested into your club which everyone benefits from.

Having had a long conversation recently with a Ferrari Owners Club member, he reconfirmed that the majority of the year they only meet once a month, down the pub. That is the extent of some months and typical in our experience. This was the very reason that this club was set up, to offer more than this. Owners clubs have local organisers who are unpaid local club members to their region. They may, or may not have much motivation to create events and spare the time so different regions have different levels of activities.

What has happened to loyalty points?

No change for 2020. At the end of the year, loyalty points will reset and start again. As with 2019, earned points will be calculated between Jan-Mar and the top 10 most loyal will be added to the VIP group (if not already in). Which means within this period, the people that have purchased VIP membership will get the premium 2020 events first. 2019 VIPs were also given the opportunity to renew their VIP status early which will again be the case at the end of 2020. Once you’re the VIP group, you are in for the rest of the year.

When will I get my membership pack?

Most of the components that make up the pack are already in stock. However, the final components wont make the delivery possible until approx first week of December. The membership packs are scheduled to be handed over on a first to renew basis.

I live a considerable distance from the hub of the club making frequent visits more challenging

This is a factor that we are working on. I know that the club Supercar Driver (£350pa) members do not get any events in the south at all and yet there are a number of members within our club. There is no question that attending events will be easier/harder for some members but it is difficult for us to address this. One possible solution that is already in development is having a designated club representative in our peripheral areas to bolster events in that area. This will require volunteers and we would welcome anyone with an appetite to step forward.

Finally, if you have any questions regarding any of the above, and are not answered by the above, please drop us a private message (please be patient for a reply in case there are lots of questions for admin to answer).

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