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Before we start, if after reading the below, you have questions or queries, there is an FAQ section at the bottom of this page. Please read this before contacting admin, many thanks.

We have 3 membership options for 2021 and these are as follows:

  1. Totally FREE Membership
  2. Limited Edition Full Membership (Limited to 165 places)
  3. Limited Edition VIP Membership (Limited to just 35 places) SOLD OUT
Limited Edition 2021 Membership Welcome Packs

Totally FREE Membership

Be part of the fastest-growing supercar owners club in the south. FREE forever, unless you want to upgrade to the Full Membership (see below).

If your car qualifies, FREE membership will get you the following club benefits:

  • Access to the ‘General Chat’ Closed Facebook Group to discuss car-related topics and refer back to later. For chatting, mixing and sharing car related photos, stories and questions with fellow members
  • Access to the ‘Buying & Selling’ Closed Facebook Group to buy or sell supercars or supercar parts & merchandise
  • Club Merchandise – access to purchase certain Supercar Club merchandise from our website
  • Access to our Summer BBQ Event – Show your car and mix with fellow members
  • Occasional Events – mega meets and other selected events during the year

Premium Full Membership

Membership Fee: £125 (expires end of December 2021)

Upgrade your FREE membership to this inner circle membership. Access to our whole calendar of events (in 2020 we had more than 30 events, despite Covid!) including the famous bespoke club events that include: private collection viewings, F1 simulators, secret cinema, exclusive convoys, European tours, factory tours and much more besides.

Convoy with us and have your car displayed on our Club Stand at a dozen shows throughout the year!

Benefits of Full Membership

Each member will get the following benefits:

  • Limited Edition 2021 Membership Welcome Pack (see below for details)
  • Full Member Messenger Chat – limited to just 200 members, not as busy as many car related group chats. Only fully paid up members allowed in this chat.
  • Exclusive Website Content – access to the restricted areas of our website
  • Event Calendar – Around 30 annual car and lifestyle events to come along to
  • Expand your Social & Business Network – meet new friends or discuss business with a whole network of like-minded people of all ages
  • Club Display Stands – display your car alongside fellow members on one of our club stands at a whole host events throughout the year
  • Annual Awards Ceremony – join us at a prestige venue each year to see if you have picked up one of the prestige crystal trophies!
  • Supercar Club Parking at Premium Third-Party Events
  • Access to all 5 (and growing) specialist Closed Facebook Groups – these include:
  • Access to the ‘General Chat’ Closed Facebook Group to discuss car-related topics and refer back to later. For chatting, mixing and sharing car related photos, stories and questions with fellow members
  • Access to the ‘Buying & Selling’ Closed Facebook Group to buy or sell supercars or supercar parts & merchandise
  • Access to the ‘Business Networking’ Closed Facebook Group – advertise your business, browse your fellow colleagues businesses, ask a business question, share your knowledge
  • Access to the ‘Golf Club’ Closed Facebook Group – play golf at courses around the south, some of which you wouldn’t normally have access to
  • Access to the ‘Home Cinema & Hifi’ Closed Facebook Group – discuss your system and ask questions to club sponsor Zebra Home Cinema about ways to improve your set up
  • Exclusive Discounts – get your membership fee back in discounts at any of our exclusive club sponsors or brand partners. We have a variety of discounts on all sorts of products and services inc main dealers
  • Restricted to 200 Full Members – full membership will be the most exclusive supercar owners club in the UK
  • Inclusive Mega BBQ Event – subject to social distancing laws, this will be free for full members. The event will include an entrance ticket, live band, food, drink
  • Dedicated Club Wealth Manager – via St James Place, you will have your own personal advisor that will visit your home (or a mutually agreeable meeting location) to assist and advise you with your financial planning. Exclusive 10% discount on their services
  • Loyalty League – compete on a friendly basis by earning loyalty points by attending events, helping arrange events, or bringing and implementing new ideas to the club. The top 3 most loyal members earn a trophy at the end of the year!
  • Access to The Kennels at Goodwood – our unofficial club house. Join us at this prestige members-only club house (via our Goodwood GRRC Members)
  • New Car Reveal – get a new or used car during the year? Wanna show it off at a breakfast meet? How about having our reveal silk draped over your car as people arrive. Have one of the club photographers film the reveal!
  • Special Project Operations (SPO) – we like to be adventurous, as a result, we are working on a number of special projects that will be exclusively for full members. For example, we are working on an club-designed limited number Swiss watch.

I like the fact there’s a bit of banter too and many different makes of cars. Ferrari Owners Club was poor in my honest opinion. Porsche is better, particularly the magazine but still only one brand. This has most definitely been the best so far, of which most of my membership we’ve been blighted by Covid. The good times are coming…

Darren J – Ferrari 488 | Jan 2021
Reveal your car to the club with our ‘Reveal’ option, free for full members

Not for Profit

Unlike most other clubs, ours is a not-for-profit. What does that mean to you?

This means that every penny of your membership fee, goes back into the club, allowing us to make more improvements, add more benefits and tech.

All the organising of events, website design and upkeep is carried out by volunteers who are not paid.

We continue to look to club members to play their part, where possible, to assist the club in any way they can. Bring to the club any, and every benefit they have at their disposal for the good and benefit of all club members.

The club display at Hampton Court Palace

I was persuaded to join another Supercar club before Four Marks and the pack took 2 months to come, the membership is 3 x the price, and the club interaction isn’t anywhere near as good as Four-Marks!!!

Phil L – Aston Martin DB9 | Jan 2021


If anyone has any questions regarding any of the above upgrades for next year, or you can offer your assistance or contacts, please let us know via a private message.

What comes in the Limited Edition Membership Pack?

Your membership pack will consist of the following:

Black Stainless Steel Membership Card
Stainless Steel Membership Card
Luxury Stainless Steel Membership Card

This premium matte black membership card is cut from thick stainless steel, embossed to the front, membership number and your individual QR code laser engraved to the rear. The card is presented to you in its very own matte black presentation jewellery box with magnetic close, black ribbon to ease taking out the card and our logo embossed in silver leaf on top. More akin with jewellery, you may choose to keep your membership card safe at home!

Black ‘Full Member’ Polo Shirt

In a size to suit you, this classy soft cotton black polo has our logo stitched to the front left breast in white.

Black ‘Full Member’ Cap

This classy black ‘sandwich’ cap with contrasting ‘club red’ details will set you apart from the rest, at any car meet.

Black ‘Full Member’ Lanyard

Only available to Full members, this luxury 20mm black lanyard has a silky smooth texture and is printed with Four Marks Supercar Club in contrasting white to really stand out.

2021 Membership Lanyard Event Card

To complement your club lanyard, this ‘Full Member 2021’ card is the one you’ll want to bring out to each meet or event. Printed both sides, this beautifully created glossy card you’ll want to wear to every event!

2021 Car Window Sticker

Make sure everyone knows you have qualified for our exclusive membership by displaying your 2021 Membership sticker proudly in the window of your car. Featuring our logo and branding.

2021 Pin Badge

Round, hard enamel pin badge to wear at the more elegant of our events. The badge comes in it’s own jewellery box, with the club logo. Use this box top store your previous year badges.

Welcome card from the club

Matte laminated card welcome’s you to our exclusive club.

Four Marks Supercar Club ‘Full Member’ PRESENTATION Box

All the above items arrive in a matte black card presentation box, laser embossed with our new logo in silver on the top, hinged lid and magnetic fastener complete the membership pack.

Other Info

New for Jan 2021, your limited edition members box set will be couriered to you in eco-friendly outer packaging (recyclable outer box & recyclable packaging tape). We’re committed to reducing our carbon foot print where we can.

Example of the 2020 VIP Membership Pack

2020 Membership Pack handover to Jon L – Ferrari 308 GTS

Feedback from members on previous year’s packs

My membership pack has taken pride of place under my Christmas tree

Neal H – Lamborghini Huracan Performante

Four Marks Supercar Club setting the bar high again with this incredible 2020 membership welcome pack. Proving to be the south’s best supercar club by quite some margin. An excellent year ahead

Adrian D – Porsche 911 Turbo

Love the membership pack! Stylish, elegant and beautifully presented. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one like before, apart from Rolex. You’ve taken it up another level. Perfect for a modern supercar owner to be proud of 👍 👏 🏆

Jenny B – Ferrari F430 Spider

The welcome pack was fantastic, much better than [a well known alternative supercar owners club]’s flimsy pack. Much better premium product than theirs.

Adam R – Aston Martin Vanquish

Fantastic membership pack 😍 Excited and looking forward to events in 2020 🎉

James Q – Porsche 911 GT3

I belong to 4 other clubs but have never received anything like this before, fantastic

Paul S – Aston Martin Vanquish Volante

Membership Pack Gallery

Need more gear?

Spare polo shirts, caps, lanyards etc available in the club shop exclusively for Members only.

OK, I’m in! What’s next?

If you have already registered for membership, you can immediately proceed to make payment (second button below). If you haven’t registered for membership, first apply for FREE membership to confirm it qualifies:

If you are accepted into the FREE level membership or you’re already in that tier, simply use the button below to purchase membership now.

You may wish to drop us a DM (ideally via our Facebook page) so that we can confirm receipt of your membership fee, if you pay by direct transfer.

Please familiarise yourself with our terms and conditions before upgrading.

Looking back at 2020

Whilst 2020 was a challenging year for us all, we still managed to put on some 30 Covid-friendly events to attend, all the while banking any impossible events to be rescheduled for 2021.

Fastest Growing Supercar Club?

We saw over 160 new club members sign up in 2020, we now have over 600 registered cars! Our website has reached more than double the visitors than those of 2019. That was more than 20,000 unique visitors viewing some 50,000 of our web pages in 2020! All this traffic and interest is attracting more sponsorship, more discounts for members, and more doors opening to new prestige venues.

Please Note

There will be a limited run of polos in a variety of sizes. It could be that one size sells out and then it may be necessary to go on a pre-order waiting list for the next round.

Frequently asked Questions

This section will be updated with any new questions that get asked.


No, the fee is £125 regardless of what time you join so early subscription is the best value.


If you are one of the CLUB members that joined with a car that no longer qualifies, first of all, don’t panic. We’ve always said ‘once you’re in, you can renew each year’.

However, PLEASE NOTE: if you do NOT renew your membership before the end of the year, you will only be allowed to rejoin the club with a qualifying car.


Yes, the accounts were given to a club member in October 2020 to audit, paying particular attention to purchases and members money being held.


The owners’ clubs typically have around 1500 upwards in members all paying. They are often a business and people get paid to organise your events, therefore a significant amount of the membership fees gets spent on wages.

Because they have more members, they can generate significantly more funds than our much more exclusive club. But we want at least the same facilities (or better) than them. The scale of economies means we have to charge this in order to generate the same amount of necessary funds.

The good news is none of our donation money is spent on paying the club organiser or any of the other volunteers so every penny gets invested into your club which everyone benefits from

Having had a long conversation recently with a Ferrari Owners Club member, he reconfirmed that the majority of the year they only meet once a month, down the pub. That is the extent of some months and typical. This was the very reason that this club was set up, to offer more than this. Owners clubs have local organisers who are unpaid local club members to their region. They may, or may not have much motivation to create events and spare the time so different regions have different levels of activities.


Yes. At the end of the year, loyalty points from 2020 will reset and start again. As with 2020, earned points will be calculated between Jan-Mar and the top 10 most loyal will be added to the VIP group (if not already in). This means within this period, the people that have purchased VIP membership will get the premium 2021 events first. 2020 VIPs were also given the opportunity to renew their VIP status early which will again be the case at the end of 2021. Once you’re the VIP group, you are in for the rest of the year.


The membership packs will be posted out in 2021 or we will bring your pack to the next event we are at together. This is subject to the availability of your polo shirt size.


This is a factor that we are working on. There is no question that attending events will be easier/harder for some members but it is difficult for us to address this. One possible solution that is already in development is having a designated club representative in our peripheral areas to bolster events in that area. This will require volunteers and we would welcome anyone with an appetite to step forward.

Finally, if you have any questions regarding any of the above, and are not answered by the above, please drop us a private message (please be patient for a reply in case there’s lots of questions for admin to answer).