Messenger Chat Protocol

We have a variety of Messenger group chats within the club, which include the Free Tier, Full Tier, VIP Tier, Working Group, Event chats, and many more.

Here are the rules and guidance for using any of these chat threads:

  1. We are a multicultural and cosmopolitan club. You must respect your fellow club members. Any bullying on any of the groups or chats, will not be tolerated. It is strictly forbidden to swear or discuss / joke about politics, sex, sexual preference, sexist or racist subjects in any of the group chats or closed groups.
  2. We discourage the asking of questions in group chats that are likely to provoke a lengthy discussion. Instead, we recommend asking these questions in the Closed Facebook Groups. This way, it doesn’t bombard the thread with 1 trillion messages to read through. Also, on the Closed Group, you can go back later and review easily the questions and answers.
  3. Every person’s car in the club is their pride and joy. Please avoid any negativity towards any specific brand, style, views on depreciation etc. We are a friendly group and the main focus is on respecting your fellow club members and keep them feeling proud of their car and the club.

We are not looking to censor the chats but we hope you understand the reasons behind the above. Check back periodically as these protocols are likely to evolve over time. Thank you for reading.