On the night….

Sophie has asked me to ask you folks to read the following from her:

We’re excited to welcome you to Bell Sport & Classic for the Four Marks Supercar Club private Drive-in movie night! After a quiet 2020 in terms of events, it’s a pleasure to be able to get together again. However, as a matter of precaution we’d like to outline some guidance and steps we have taken to ensure safety concerning Covid-19.


We will be operating a one-way system throughout out facility for both vehicles and pedestrians. Please continue to drive past the showroom on your right, down the slope and into the Drive-in Movie paddock where a member of staff will guide you to park. Exit after the movie will be via the bottom gates.

Please also follow the signage for the one-way system for access to the rest rooms (situated in the showroom). We can only allow 6 people inside the showroom or workshop at any one time.

Hand sanitizing stations have been made available throughout the site. Please also remember to socially distance and refrain from shaking hands.


Sound for the race footage will be streamed directly through your car radio. All you need to do is tune in to 87.7 FM.  If possible, please switch your ignition off and then turn your radio on. For earlier models you may need to keep your ignition on to use the car radio – if you’re concerned about draining the battery, don’t worry we have plenty of battery starter packs and technicians on site! If your car has no stereo at all we have some spare portable radios for you to use, and some outdoor speakers too.

Food and Drink

Thank you for ordering from the menu in advance. This evening’s snacks and refreshments will be served about 10 minutes after the movie starts. Anna and her catering team will be serving snacks directly to your vehicle so please ensure you are near your car when the food arrives. Drinks orders can be taken on arrival or please help yourself at the drinks station just outside the lower workshop.

During The Movie

As these summer nights are drawing in, it can get a little chilly. We advise to bring your own blankets if you wish to sit in the deck chairs or at a table during the movie.

Bell Sport & Classic

As specialists we’ve developed an encyclopaedic knowledge of classic Ferrari and Aston Martin sports cars. We understand how they were developed, how they were constructed, and how they perform; we know about the upgrades and improvements that were introduced and we have access to records and documentation to support that. We understand the need for authenticity. We research any repair or restoration work to ensure that it is correct for that particular car at that particular time in its history.

If you’d like to hear more about any of our restoration projects such as the Lamborghini LM002 or Ferrari 330, and to find out more about the services we offer please ask for a member of the Bell Sport & Classic team.

Thank you for joining us!

Sophie Atkins

07909 885885 / 01582 857 940 info@bellsportandclassic.co.uk

Ordering Food

Please use the following menu to pick your order and submit at the bottom of the page

Menu Choice

Loaded Hot Dog

French mustard, onions, relish, sweet & sour pickles

Nacho chips (v)

Salsa, guacamole, sour cream, jalapeño, cheese

Pick and mix

Sweetest treats

Chocolate & marshmallow mix

Chocolate favourites


Please can you submit your order using this form below using the example format shown below. Once your order has gone through, it cannot be amended.

Example order

  • Registration: L3TGG
  • Name: Greg Greatbatch
  • Hot Dog x 2
  • Pick and Mix x 1
  • Chocolate Mix x 1
  • Popcorn x 1

Please now complete your order. Please think carefully as order cannot be changed after submission