Performance Club Easter Shuffle

The start of our season started a little late this year due to covid restrictions, but we started on Easter Sunday with a Covid compliant multi venue meet with groups of up to 6 people.

Half of each group would go round the venues clockwise and the other half going anti clockwise, and at each venue meeting up with up to another 3 club members.

Having lots of new members, it was a way for people to meet as many different members as possible and keep within guidelines.

The venues were Popham Airfield Café, The Plucky Pheasant and Windsor. With the plan to have a 30 min chat with coffee and a snack at each location before going on a approx. 1hr drive along a pre-planned route to the next location, whilst trying to spot other members passing in the opposite direction. 

Had some great coffee, good food, and met up with a few members old and new, hopefully everyone was lucky with the traffic and enjoyed the drives on a lovely sunny Easter Sunday morning.

Our driving highlight of the day has to be going through the Hindhead Tunnel at the same time as a Porsche 991 Speedster!

Cars on the list…

  1. Alpina B3 E46
  2. Alpina B5
  3. BMW M135i
  4. BMW M140i
  5. BMW M235i Cab
  6. BMW M3 E92
  7. BMW M3 Comp
  8. BMW M4
  9. BMW M4 Comp
  10. BMW M5 Comp
  11. BMW X5 4.6is
  12. BMW 435dM
  13. Lexus LC500
  14. Lotus Exige LF1
  15. Lotus Elise S2
  16. Lotus Elise S3
  17. Nissan GTR
  18. Porsche Macan Turbo  

Thanks to everyone that took part, and the group leaders were Jules S, Kate L & Rich G, with club photographers Paul Tallant & Michael Guy at some locations.

Let us try and break up all these BMW’s a bit next time, with some of the other amazing cars in the club.

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