Porsche Clinic – Porsche Centre

Postponed – Pending Rescheduling

4th April 2020
Location: Portsmouth
FREE Porsche Health Check

If you’re not already joining us for our Secret Cinema Event on this day, why not book your Porsche in at Porsche Centre Portsmouth for a FREE health check-over.

Free bacon sandwich and refreshments are available whilst this is performed on your car.

Take a look around their beautiful state-of-the-art showroom full of new and an upper floor full of special used Porsches.

If you are interested in attending their Car Clinic, please complete the details below:

On the list

  • Andy Macmanus – Porsche 911 Carrera T

Should you need to book your car in for work, we have negotiated special rates with Porsche Centre Portsmouth for full members. Wave your stainless steel membership card at the service department to get these special prices!

FMSC Price (List Price):
  • £50 per hour off hourly labour rate £110 (£160 normally)
  • 10% off Porsche Parts and Porsche merchandised/clothing
  • 20% off quoted costs for servicing on Porsche retail pricing tool.
  • £25 off your MOT – £40 (£65 normally)
  • £100 off 4 wheel alignment £149 (£249 normally)
  • £50 off Mini detail £199 (£249 normally)
  • £50 off Full valet £50 (£100 normally)
  • £100 off AC re gas – pre sept 2016 car £99 (£199) – post sept 2016 £199 (£2990
  • Sale or Return service at a reduced fee (dependant on individual case)

Terms & Conditions of Attendance

By attending this event, you agree to the following:

You are to drive responsibly, within your own capabilities and those of your car.

You indemnify the club of any responsibility or liability to you, your car or any damage caused by you or your car to other club members, cars or the public.

If you or your car damage anything at any event we attend, the costs of rectification or compensation are yours as a private individual to remedy.

You agree that photos may be taken of you, your car and car registration which may be used for promotional purposes both online or in other form.

For further terms and conditions of club membership, please visit our Terms & Conditions page.