Advertising & Sponsorship

We are looking to partner with a small number of companies to provide goods and services to our members.

  • We are looking for main dealers and independents that can offer servicing and maintenance services
  • Specialist detailing and valeting companies to offer maintenance, paint correction, PPF and full detailing services to our clients
  • Car care products, wax, tools, and any other member use items that a supercar owner may want access to
  • Insurance Services
  • Transportation Services
  • Wealth and asset management services
  • Specialist car finance providers
  • Sale or return dealer facilities for the disposal of cars
  • Main dealer or independent car traders offering potential cars to hungry clients

Sponsorship Options

We presently are offering 3 levels of sponsorship. These are as follows:

A prerequisite for being an approved supplier or partner is there must be a benefit to members. This may be a discount off a menu price, free services, free products, etc. This will depend on the type of business you are in of course.

Option 1: Approved Supplier

  • Every other month Facebook Post (Members car being cleaned or sold etc)
  • Listed in our approved supplier list (get your own business page and link through to your own website)
  • Organised meet once a year at your premises*

Option 2: Sole Supplier for your industry/brand

As option 1 plus

  • Feature in our regular newsletter
  • 2 x Website advert/banner (membership & portfolio pages)
  • Bi-Yearly Instagram Post
  • Bi-Yearly meet at your premises*
  • 2019 Guest Membership** to the club (allows you to network with high net wealth club members)

Option 3: 2020 Club Partner

As option 2 plus

  • Events ‘in association with’
  • VIP Guest Membership** to the club (help steer the club)
  • Limited Edition club cap (when available – automatic new one when design changes)
  • Limited Edition club polo shirt (when available – automatic new one when design changes)
  • Monthly ‘Sponsored Advert’ advertising your services on Facebook
  • Your business featured in the automated ‘welcome to membership’ email
  • An annual blog post featuring your company with unlimited text and photos with a link through to your own website (this will appear on the landing page of our website with a link posted onto social media)
  • Pro-actively pushing your services to members face to face
  • Tailored social media competitions to drive traffic to your website or social media channel
  • Banner advertising on every blog post
  • 2 x Presentations to the group during the year to showcase your services
  • Optional – add your logo to our club merchandise for an additional price per item (annual payment required in advance)

* This must include tea/coffee and either a free or purchase option breakfast

** Guest membership means joining the club chat thread and able to attend public events but not necessarily the limited places ‘Full-Member’ events and does allow for displaying your car.

Stats as of Aug 19

Qualifying Members = 178

Average monthly new sign-ups (since March 19) = 30

  • Total Pages Viewed (March 19 – Aug 18) = 15,318
  • Total Unique Visitors (March 19 – Aug 18) = 4,263
  • Average Page Views Per Month (for past 5 months April 19 – Aug 19) = 2,620+
  • Average Unique Visitors Per Month (for past 5 months April 19 – Aug 19) = 729
Social Media
  • Facebook Page Followers = 1047
  • Max reach of a single Facebook post = 250,000+

If you think you may have a product or service that may be of interest to us or our large member base of supercar owners, or you’d like to know what the costs are for the above services, please get in touch to secure your business sector with Four Marks Car Club by emailing us in the first instance.

You may have an individual advertising proposal that you would like us to consider. If this is the case, please get in touch