Advertising & Sponsorship



With more than 400 supercars and over 100 Performance Cars registered with our club, we are looking to partner with a select number of companies to provide goods and services to our members who’s focus is on providing industry-leading levels of customer service.

Our club members are typically high net wealth individuals with a clearly defined passion for cars and a luxury lifestyle. By being part of our club they have demonstrated that they are prepared to pay a premium to fulfill this passion.

Typically our club members are business owners and therefore will require services that would suit this demographic aside of their obvious supercar interests. Advertise or sponsor us to reach these individuals.

  • We are looking for main dealers and independent garages that can offer servicing and maintenance services
  • Specialist detailing and valeting companies to offer maintenance, paint correction, PPF and full detailing services to our clients
  • Car care products, wax, tools, and any other member use items that a supercar owner may want access to
  • Insurance Services
  • Transportation Services
  • Supercar Storage
  • Wealth and asset management services
  • Specialist car finance providers
  • Sale or return dealer facilities for the disposal of cars
  • Main dealer or independent car traders offering potential cars to hungry clients

Sponsorship / Partnership Options

We presently offer 3 levels of sponsorship. However, we can tailor a sponsor or partnership package to suit the individual needs and demands of our valued sponsors.

We are absolutely passionate and focused on providing our valued sponsors with a fantastic return on investment and will work tirelessly to make this happen.

It is essential that we provide our premium club members with features and benefits that will benefit them as part of their membership.

One possible tangible benefit is to provide a certain level of discount off your services in order to encourage the formation of a relationship. We are happy to discuss this in more detail with you. Please Contact Us using the form below in the first instance.

Options from May 2020 onwards

Option 1 (Gold Tier): Approved Supplier

  • Listed in our approved supplier list (get your own business page and link through to your own website)
  • Twice Yearly Facebook Post (Members car being cleaned or sold etc)
  • The swapping of backlinks to help with your SEO (search engine optimisation)
  • Organised meet once a year at your premises*
  • Feature in ‘our club sponsors’ on each of our Instagram posts
  • 3 new social media page followers (1 for each of our 3 clubs)
  • Pin marked on our interactive map

Option 2 (Platinum Tier): Approved Supplier Plus

As option 1 plus

  • Yearly feature in our email newsletter
  • 2 x Website advert/banner (membership & portfolio pages)
  • Bi-Yearly Instagram Post (Twice per year)
  • Bi-Yearly meet at your premises* (Twice per year)
  • Affiliate level ‘Membership’ for business owners** to the club (allows you to network with high net wealth club members)
  • Your business will be tagged in relevant Instagram posts
  • Your business will be featured on our Instagram Profile

Option 3 (Black Tier): 2020 Club Partner (Sole Supplier)

As option 2 plus

  • Sole Supplier for your Business Type (Main Dealer’s see below)
  • Access to the club chats (Free level & Full Level chats – chat to members at any time of day or night)
  • 1 x Supercar Club Cap
  • 1 x Supercar Club Polo Shirt
  • 1 x Supercar Club Lanyard and Card
  • 1 x Supercar Club Member Window Sticker
  • Bi-monthly ‘Sponsored Advert’ advertising your services on Facebook
  • Your business featured in the automated ‘welcome to membership’ email
  • An annual blog post featuring your company with unlimited text and photos with a link through to your own website (this will appear on the landing page of our website with a link posted onto social media)
  • Pro-actively pushing your services to members face to face
  • Tailored social media competitions to drive traffic to your website or social media channel
  • Banner advert on every marketing email we send
  • Banner advert on all official email communication we send out to venues, sponsors and dealerships etc
  • Banner advertising on every blog post
  • 2 x Presentations to the group during the year to showcase your services
  • Your banner at the bottom of every full member’s personal profile page
  • Featured Blog Announcement (announcement appears in the header of the landing page of our website for at least 1 month!)

* This must include tea/coffee and either a free or purchase option breakfast (this could be a burger/bacon roll van) but must be less than 1-hour drive from FMSC HQ or at an event location that would bring value to the visit.

** Affiliate membership means joining the club chat thread and being able to attend our events as a passenger, but not necessarily the Full-Member events with limited places and does not allow for displaying your car, nor will you receive a membership pack.

Sponsorship is subject to agreeing to an exclusive affiliation with our club. No sponsor can also sponsor another car club.

Please use the Contact Us form below to make initial contact.

Main Dealer Brand Partnership

Exclusively for franchised main dealers to partner with us. We have a very limited amount of availability for partnering opportunities. At present, we are only allowing one main dealer per marque and have already secured a number of brands.

In exchange, your dealer will receive a similar portfolio of offerings from us as the ‘Black Tier’ above.

Unlike our ‘Black Tier’ level sponsorship, there are no annual subscriptions to pay. We simply will need to agree concessions on servicing, parts and finance deals etc for the benefit of members.

Marques presently available
  • McLaren – Taken by McLaren New Forest
  • Ferrari
  • Porsche – Taken by Porsche Portsmouth
  • Maserati
  • Aston Martin – Taken by Aston Martin Chichester
  • Lamborghini
  • Bentley – Taken by Bentley Hampshire & Bentley Sussex
  • Lotus
  • Other more niche brands available

If you would like exclusive access to supercar owner demographics, please get in touch at your earliest convenience by using the Contact Form below.

Exposure for your Brand

Aside from the obvious benefits of reaching out to our existing club members, our club has reach on all the usual social media channels including Instagram (circa 49k followers), Facebook (circa 29k followers across 4 pages), YouTube, LinkedIn & Twitter.

Our website was launched in 2019 with traffic growing exponentially ever since.

If you would like information on our website and social media stats, please email us in the first instance.

We also email our members with event information and membership benefits. A prerequisite for members joining is a valid email address which is verified before membership is granted. We are therefore able to reach them periodically via both full HTML rich (or basic text-only) emails.

Website Traffic Growth – 12 Months (updated Mar 20)

If you think you may have a product or service that may be of interest to us or our large member base of supercar owners, or you’d like to know what the costs are for the above services, please get in touch to secure your business sector with Four Marks Supercar Club by emailing us in the first instance.

You may have an individual advertising proposal that you would like us to consider. If this is the case, please get in touch.

Where are our members based?

Here is an interactive map showing the the nearest towns to where our members live. Only 1 pin per town, even members if 10 live in the same town.

Blue markers indicate location of other sponsors/partners venues (dealers/detailers)