Supercar Club | Thank you!

Many thanks for taking the time to apply for membership to our Supercar Owners Club

Your application has been received and is being monitored by our onboarding team. We need you to do the following:

More Detailed onboarding instructions

Please head to our Facebook page using the button below to send us a message by tapping the chat button. Just say Hi and drop a picture of your qualifying car in the thread. This will allow us to match your name with your profile picture so we can correctly ID you.

Please like the page and tap the send message button (see pic below) and send us a quick message and photo of your qualifying car(s).

Don’t already have a Facebook account or don’t want to use Facebook particularly?

To get the best club experience, we recommend having a Facebook account, purely for the messaging app ‘Messenger’. We use Messenger for the various threads that are created like specific event threads for example. It helps us ID new members and avoids adding rogue users or fake accounts. It also keeps your privacy level high as it does not share your personal contact details with other users.

We can add you to our small WhatsApp thread but there are only a very few people in it and you won’t get the same quality of experience. WhatsApp also shares your mobile number with all other members. You don’t get that with Messenger.

However, be careful how you set up your Facebook account, too many privacy boxes ticked and we won’t be able to locate your account or add you to Club Chats. The FMSC team does not have the resources to help you unravel your privacy settings so we recommend using the standard privacy settings Facebook suggests.

What Happens Next?

You’ve sent our Facebook account a quick message with a photo of your qualifying car, admin will then get back to you within 2 working days and confirm they will be adding you to the chat thread in the smartphone app Messenger.

Once you’ve been added, if the thread does not immediately appear in your Messenger app, you may need to go looking for it. If you tap your profile picture in the top left corner, you’ll be presented with a menu/settings page. The new chat will be in ‘Message Requests’ either under the top category ‘You May Know’ or sometimes in the one next to that: ‘Spam’.

If you have tried following the instructions above and you still can’t find the threads, please use the contact us form here on our website and we will try and help within 5 working days.