Champagne Hospitality at Sunseeker | Dorset

We were thrilled to be invited by event sponsor Sunseeker London Group to visit them at their worldwide headquarters in Poole, Dorset for a tour of their facility.

The event lineup for the day was:

  • Gather at various meet points across the south
  • Hour-long spirited drive to the venue
  • Champagne Reception (sponsored by Moet)
  • Cinema Room Presentation
  • Meet the Team
  • Factory Tour
  • Complimentary catered lunch
  • Complimentary hot and cold drinks including Champagne throughout the day
  • Personal guided tour of various yachts in the range
  • High speed ride out into the bay in a 800hp Sunseeker Hawk speed boat
  • Dinner out in the swanky The St TrOpez Lounge – Seafood & French Food Restaurant

Upon arrival, the team welcomed us with open arms with a chilled glass of fizz or warm coffee (for the drivers).  

After an introductory screening in their own cinema room, Mike (Sales Director UK) entertained us with a question and answer session about Sunseeker, from its humble beginnings to the brand it is today.

Did you know that 95% of all boats are sent abroad and that every boat is handmade in Poole – a truly British brand. 

We were split into two groups in order to add a really personal touch to the day and one group would get ‘hands on’ with three of the flagship yachts whilst the other group would get a personalised factory tour. 

The factory tour allowed the group to get up close and personal, even touching (what on the face of it seemed like a dish cloth) carbon fibre in its raw form. The level of detail shown and hospitality was second to none. 

Unrestricted access was granted to three of the larger yachts from their fleet and all members had a good look around with staff to answer any questions ranging from the size of the fuel tank to the cost of all the ‘trimmings’! Real money can’t buy experience. 

Our members also got to experience the ‘Hawk 38’ the most powerful and fastest boat Sunseeker has to offer. A real hair raising experience that started with the safety briefing “under no circumstances should you remove one of your hands from the handle in front of you”. Once out at sea the team showed us just what it was capable of, 55 knots (60mph to you and I) which on water felt incredibly fast.

Members were lucky enough to drive the boat and experience the capabilities, doing figures of 8 and going full throttle on the return leg to the marina. Not many people can say they have driven a £675,000 boat, let alone one so fast. 

It is safe to say that a drive home in the plethora of supercars felt rather mundane after this experience.

A truly once in a lifetime experience courtesy of our good friends at Sunseeker. We are looking forward to arranging more events with them in the future. 

Thanks to club member John Hilliard’s partner for this video, with a little bit of high roller Tony Gibbs thrown in

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