Health & Safety

During any club activity, meet or event, you must comply with all applicable health and safety laws, regulations, and codes of practice.

You should adhere to all reasonable health and safety rules in place at any venue or event organised or attended by the club.

Covid19: As a minimum, you are expected to follow the government’s current guidelines for managing the risk of Covid19. From time to time, the club may request that you take additional Covid19 safety measures at club meetings and events.

The club has carried out a general risk assessment of the hazards and associated risks expected at club events and meetings, a copy of this risk assessment is available to you upon request.

Where required, the club will carry an event-specific risk assessment to identify the hazards and associated risks that it needs to further consider. The club will then implement appropriate safety measures, and communicate them to you as necessary.

All club members are reminded that they have a duty of care to themselves and others.

Health & Safety Advisers: System2 Consulting