Terms & Conditions

By becoming a member of our car clubs you agree to the following:

Four Marks Car Club is a not for profit club. All members and non-members join events entirely at their own risk. You should be fully insured for any activity that you attend, with or without club members.

Whilst many members drive in a spirited way, to and from events, as well as in convoy, they do this entirely at their own risk but we do not condone reckless driving or allow anyone to put other member’s safety or cars at risk. Any such activity may result in your membership being terminated without notice. Joining the club is deemed as acceptance of any of our terms and conditions of membership.

By joining the club, attending events, and meets, you agree to indemnify the club against any claim for loss or damage to you, your car or belongings at any meets, events, venues, or whilst in convoy.

You agree to the club carrying out background checks on you which may or may not involve us contacting known contacts to us on your social media etc.

Images of you and your car (which may include your car registration) may be used in promotional posts on our website, on social media and/or in print form. By attending any event with us is your authority to take such images and use them as described.

If you share any photos or imagery in group chats or send to the club or it’s admins directly, you waive the right to any copyrights on those images/video etc.

We are a multi-cultural and cosmopolitan club. You must respect your fellow club members. Any bullying, disrespecting a fellow club member or belittling a members car (or type of car) in public, or on any of the groups or chats, will not be tolerated. It is strictly forbidden to discuss or joke about politics, sex, sexual preference, sexist or racist subjects in any of the group chats or groups.

You must always promote the club in a positive manner.

You must be at least 18 years of age to join this club.

The act of a member starting up, helping with, or assisting in the creation of a new or existing car club is strictly forbidden without the explicit written consent of this club. Any such activity should be declared to our club in the first instance.

If you disagree or don’t comply with any of the above, please contact admin without delay.

Failure to comply with any of the above may result in your membership being terminated without notice. Any membership fees or donations will not be refunded.