Focus on Ladies

Focus on Club Ladies

Here we showcase some of the ladies of Four Marks Supercar Club

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Are you a lady and thinking of getting involved?

OK, so either you drive a qualifying car yourself, or you have a partner that does, but is Four Marks Supercar Club for you?

Let’s take a look…

You drive a qualifying car yourself?

If you drive a qualifying car, you might be thinking that you’d like to join, but you do not want to turn up to our events and it is all men. That’s fair enough, you certainly won’t be the first lady to think this.

As expected of any car club, they do tend to attract more men than ladies. However, our club is far from male-only. We as a club proactively encourage ladies along to help bring balance to the atmosphere, adding class to our events and keeping those pesky boys in check!

We have regular lady owner attendees such as Jenny, who can be seen here driving ‘Peggy’, her beautiful Ferrari F430 Spider. Jenny loves to drive her Ferrari and can be seen doing demo runs at some of the public events we attend.

This is Cheryl, who shares the driving with her partner Tony. Cheryl can be seen above, test driving a top spec Jaguar F type on one of our test drive days, but it’s not uncommon to see her driving her bright orange Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder! Her daily? A bright red Porsche!

Dominique loved attending events with her husband club member so much, she promptly went out and bought herself an Aston Martin and insisted on buying herself an independent full membership too!

Joanna loves to drive her Porsche Cayman GTS! At the moment she is contemplating swapping this car out for another Porsche, but this time with PDK for quicker gear shifts!

Your partner has the car, should you join them at events?

Perhaps it’s your partner that drives the qualifying car, should you join them at an event? Will you be the only lady there?

It is very unlikely that our events will be without ladies. It does sometimes happen but if this bothers you, simply have your partner message the club and ask if there are other ladies due to attend. We will be very discreet and find out for you.

What do the ladies say?

We ask club member regulars Marie, Cheryl, and Nicky about their experience with our club. Shot at one of our events held at Breitling’s flagship store on Bond Street, London.