Membership Options

Membership Options

Take a look below at our 3 different tiers of membership

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Before we start, if after reading the below, you have questions or queries, there is an FAQ section at the bottom of this page. Please read this before contacting admin, many thanks.

We have 3 membership options and these are as follows:

  1. Totally FREE Membership
  2. Limited Edition Full Membership (Limited to 165 places)
  3. Limited Edition VIP Membership (Limited to just 35 places) SOLD OUT (contact admin to be put on our waiting list)

Totally FREE Membership

Be part of the fastest-growing supercar owners club in the south. FREE forever, unless you want to upgrade to the Full Membership (see below).

If your car qualifies, FREE membership will get you the following club benefits:

  • Access to the ‘General Chat’ Closed Facebook Group to discuss car-related topics and refer back to later. For chatting, mixing and sharing car related photos, stories and questions with fellow members
  • Access to the ‘Buying & Selling’ Closed Facebook Group to buy or sell supercars or supercar parts & merchandise
  • Club Merchandise – access to purchase certain Supercar Club merchandise from our website
  • Access to our Summer Mega Meet Event – Show your car and mix with fellow members
  • Occasional Events – Public and other selected events during the year

Premium Full Membership

Membership Fee: £125 (Runs from jan until end of December)

Upgrade your FREE membership to this inner circle membership. Access to our whole calendar of events including the famous bespoke club events that include: private collection viewings, F1 simulators, secret cinema, exclusive convoys, European tours, factory tours, and much more besides.

Convoy with us and have your car displayed on our display stand at a dozen shows throughout the year!

Benefits of Full Membership

For the full details of what is included in Full Membership, please head to the Full Membership page here:

I like the fact there’s a bit of banter too and many different makes of cars. Ferrari Owners Club was poor in my honest opinion. Porsche is better, particularly the magazine but still only one brand. This has most definitely been the best so far….

Darren J – Ferrari F12 | Jan 2021

Not for Profit

Unlike most other clubs, ours is a not-for-profit. What does that mean to you?

This means that every penny of your membership fee, goes back into the club, allowing us to make more improvements, add more benefits and tech.

All the organising of events, website design, and upkeep is carried out by volunteers who are not paid.

We continue to look to club members to play their part, where possible, to assist the club in any way they can. Bring to the club any, and every benefit they have at their disposal for the good and benefit of all club members.

I was persuaded to join another Supercar club before Four Marks and the pack took 2 months to come, the membership is 3 x the price, and the club interaction isn’t anywhere near as good as Four-Marks!!!

Phil L – Aston Martin DB9 | Jan 2021

Feedback from members on previous year’s packs

My membership pack has taken pride of place under my Christmas tree

Neal H – Lamborghini Aventador S

Four Marks Supercar Club setting the bar high again with this incredible membership welcome pack. Proving to be the south’s best supercar club by quite some margin. An excellent year ahead

Adrian D – Porsche 911 Turbo

Love the membership pack! Stylish, elegant and beautifully presented. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one like before, apart from Rolex. You’ve taken it up another level. Perfect for a modern supercar owner to be proud of 👍 👏 🏆

Jenny B – Ferrari F430 Spider

The welcome pack was fantastic, much better than [a well known alternative supercar owners club]’s flimsy pack. Much better premium product than theirs.

Adam R – Aston Martin Vanquish

Fantastic membership pack 😍 Excited and looking forward to the events 🎉

James Q – Porsche 911 GT3

I belong to 4 other clubs but have never received anything like this before, fantastic

Paul S – Aston Martin Vanquish Volante

Need more gear?

Spare polo shirts, caps, lanyards etc available in the club shop exclusively for Members only.

OK, I’m in! What’s next?

If you have already registered for membership, you can immediately proceed to make payment (second button below). If you haven’t registered for membership, first apply for FREE membership to confirm it qualifies:

If you’re accepted into the FREE level membership or you’re already in that tier, simply use the button below to purchase premium Full Membership now.

You may wish to drop us a DM (ideally via our Facebook page) so that we can confirm receipt of your membership fee, if you pay by direct transfer.

Please familiarise yourself with our terms and conditions before upgrading.

Fastest Growing Supercar Club?

We’ve seen another 150 new club members join up in 2022 bringing the total supercars to over 950!

With places limited to 200, we are anticipating hitting this limit quite quickly. Once we hit 200, we will be once again operating a waiting list system for future full memberships.

Please Note

There will be a limited run of polos in a variety of sizes. It could be that one size sells out and then it may be necessary to go on a pre-order waiting list for the next order.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section will be updated with any new questions that get asked.


No, the fee is £125 regardless of what time you join so an early subscription is the best value.


The membership packs will be posted out approx 2 weeks after your order (4 weeks if ordered in Jan/Feb due to backlog)


There is no question that attending events will be easier/harder for some members but it is difficult for us to address this. One possible solution is having a designated club representative in our peripheral areas to bolster events in that area. This will require volunteers and we would welcome anyone with an appetite to step forward.

Finally, if you have any questions regarding any of the above, and are not answered by the above, please drop us a private message (please be patient for a reply in case there are lots of questions for admin to answer).

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