Frequently Asked Questions

Is this club for guys only?

Absolutely not! We have lots of girl owners in the club too!!

Are club members car snobs?

Definitely not! We do not allow car snobs in this group. All members love this club because of the variety of cars, new and old, valuable or affordable! Everyone respects each other.

Are members all rich idiots?

Whilst there are some very wealthy people in the club, they are nice individuals. But most of us are fairly average people that just like to waste their money on cars!

Do older cars qualify?

Yes, absolutely. Any age of qualifying car brand can join. There are people in the club with cars the same age as yours, waiting to meet up with you!

When I come on convoys, I don’t like to speed. Is that a problem?

There are usually two groups in every convoy, some that like to drive fast, some that like to drive a little more sensible! Either is fine with us!

Me and a few of my pals already like to meet up in a small group. Can we all join?

Yeah, of course! Drop us a line with a list of the cars so that we can get them on board.