Featured Car Reviews

Here you’ll find the editor’s choice of featured car reviews from around the web. Check back regularly for fresh reviews of some of the world’s ultimate supercars. Grab yourself a coffee and tuck in!

Pagani Huayra

Why this car would cost you $3m. What does the key look like? Just how much aluminum is used inside the car?

Aston Martin Vanquish S

Sunday 14th June – This week’s car review from around the web is Aston’s flagship production car: the Vanquish. A carbon fibre bodied supercar that produces a staggering 580 bhp 6.0 V12. Come take a look around

Jannarelly – Design-1

Sunday 31st May – Old school cool is this 50’s/60’s racer throw back. Nothing is really out there like it. With it’s 3.5 V6 it produces some 325 bhp. Take a look around this stunning piece of kit. We hope to have Janarelly at our summer BBQ (whenever that will be!). Grab a coffee and dig in.

Lotus Evora GT

24th May 2020 – Our latest in a series of featured car reviews from around the web. This time it’s the 2020 Lotus Evora GT. They’ve upped the power to a whopping 416 bhp and shed some of weight.

Porsche 918 Spider

4th May 2020 – Our latest featured review is on the Porsche 918 Spider. One of the holy trinity and well worth taking a look around this £800-£900,000 hypercar!

McLaren F1

26th April 2020 – Today’s review is of the McLaren F1. The fastest normally aspirated car in the world! Did you know they had 2 interior rear view mirrors?

Ferrari LaFerrari

19th April 2020 – Our first featured review is this, the Ferrari LaFerrari. The ultimate Ferrari has plenty of quirks and features!