Steeleford Supercar Show

A brand new event for this year was brought to us by club member Drue Steele. The Steeleford Supercar event was held in the gardens of Stansted House, an 1800 acre parkland.

After meeting in Four Marks, we convoyed south, down to the event via the beautiful back roads of Hampshire.

Upon arrival, many of the club cars were placed in the VIP members enclosure for display.

Our new promo board certainly attracted the attention of the other super car owners!

Members were treated to free tea, coffee and a selection of pastries, croissants and cookies.

A fantastic selection of cars attended the event

It was a great opportunity for us to rub shoulders with other super car owners and introduce them to our club.

Greg G (right) chats with potential new club members

Have a supercar and would like to join us at the next event? Head over to our membership page and sign up today!

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