Getting out in teams of 6

Today we headed out in 5 teams of 6 across the south. These smaller convoys ensured we were keeping inside government guidance of ‘no more than 6 people meeting up in a public place or garden’ for England.

Starting points were:

  • Four Marks
  • Guildford 1
  • Guildford 2
  • Romsey
  • Hedge End

Each correctly registered club member that attended received loyalty points for their attendance. All event hosts received extra points for helping out.

We need more Local Event Hosts

If you’re a fully paid-up member and would like to host a local area meet on a future weekend, please contact Greg/Admin for more details. You will need to have a meet place suitable for 6 supercars, and have at least 1 place to head to and often 2 destinations works quite well. Try and incorporate an easy breakfast option for members too.

Gallery from the 5 car meets

Please feel free to use these photos in your social media, but you must clearly credit & tag the club @fmsupercarclub in each post.9

Thank you to all 5 event hosts and everyone that contributed photos for these events (including @forthedriveyt & @munch997) .

Drive a supercar and want to get involved? Head to our registration page.

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