European Tour to Italy | Pt. 3

Our 8 day adventure continues as we wake up overlooking Lake Maggiore in Italy for the last time. It is time to head back to Switzerland for an overnight stay in Geneve. We gathered in our gorgeous hotel for breakfast before packing up the cars ready for more stunning scenery and mountain passes.

A reminder of the cars in attendance

  1. Ferrari 812 GTS V12
  2. Aston Martin new Vantage AMR
  3. Porsche 911 992 GT3
  4. Lamborghini Gallardo STS
  5. Maserati GranCabrio MC
  6. Bentley new Continental GT
  7. Ferrari F12 V12
  8. Aston Martin DB11
  9. Porsche 911 992 Turbo S Cabrio
  10. Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder
  11. Porsche 718 GTS
  12. Aston Martin new Vantage
  13. Ferrari Roma
  14. McLaren 650s Spider (Day 2 stint only)

The Official Tour Video

The whole tour wrapped up in 2 mins and 34 secs, in stunning 4K

The story continues on Day 6

We leave Lake Maggiore and head to Geneve

Good morning and goodbye to Lake Maggiore
Getting ready for departure on Day 6
Driving alongside Lake Maggiore on the way back to Switzerland…

Taking in iconic landmarks like the Hotel Belvedere on the Furka Pass.

Traditional Fondue Evening

The whole team head out for the evening to experience a traditional Swiss Fondue experience.

Some of the gang decide to go out for a late night walk down to Lake Geneva

We set off from Geneva and head through France to Le Mans

We load up and set off to Le Mans

We set off on our final stint back to the UK.

That’s this Euro tour complete and now we look forward to the 2024 trip!

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