We drive the 200mph Aston Martin DBX 707

With huge thanks to Club Partner, Harwoods Aston Martin Chichester, we drive the brand’s flagship SUV, the DBX707 edition. We also have the car displayed in pride of place at our annual Mega Meet.


The Aston Martin DBX 707 is a high-performance luxury SUV that was introduced in 2022. It is powered by a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 engine that produces 697 horsepower and 663 lb-ft of torque. This allows the DBX 707 to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.1 seconds and reach a top speed of quite sensational 193 mph!

We reviewed the Aston Martin DBX back in 2020, back when it was originally launched and you can read more on that here.

Having the car on display at our Mega Meet

With the DBX707 being such a flagship product, we decided to give the car pride of place at our annual mega meet, next to our Live DJ in our now famous ‘spaceship marquee’ at the event

Club Partnership Relationship Manager Warren O decided to take the car. This was an especially easy decision after they said “Would you like to borrow the car for the whole weekend?” How could he resist the world’s most powerful SUV…? 

The DBX 707 in pride of place at our annual mega meet

We hand over now to Warren who tells us about his experience…

We were greeted at the showroom by this fantastic looking car. Specified in the gorgeous colour of Apex Grey with plenty of additional options, it really was a show stopping car with an eye catching specification. 

“This car is a licence loser” said the team jokingly when they handed over the keys. They weren’t wrong! The first acceleration was mind bending. “This shouldn’t be possible” I thought to myself as I hit the accelerator. Having driven numerous supercars and sports cars over the years; it felt alien to accelerate so fast in something so large. Not that you felt you were in a large SUV once you were comfortably strapped in to the stunning yellow, carbon backed, bucket seats that held you in place.  

The DBX alongside a couple of our club cars ready for convoy to our mega meet

The noise perfectly accompanies the look, feel and sense of occasion with the car and it really is an attack on the senses. Even when cruising the exhaust valve button was always highlighted (as I’m sure every owner would do) to create the aural pleasure.  

It was a fairly short drive home from Chichester but enough time to test the car on both A, B and Motorway roads. The team at Aston Chichester also mentioned how it’s a car that shouldn’t just be considered fast in a straight line. It shares many of the characteristics with its younger (and much smaller) V8 vantage cousin.  

The cabin was a wonderful place to be, dripping in carbon fibre and seats which held you in place very well. This particular car had striking yellow seats which complemented the exterior colour very well. 

The infotainment system was faultless, Apple CarPlay was a dream and the upgraded speakers were good enough to be heard over the engine and exhaust noise when driving in sport plus mode! 

The neighbours were intrigued when they heard the rumblings of a 4.0litre twin turbo v8 being parked on the driveway and I could barely sleep that evening knowing what was waiting for me the day after. Another chance behind the wheel, this time for a longer period. 

On the day of the car show, a few members who are based locally to the south coast had agreed to meet, in a disclosed location for a convoy across to the show. An eclectic mix of cars which perfectly sums up the array of machinery you find within our club.

A quick stop for some fuel (MPG not a concern for this weekend) and we headed east towards Rowlands Castle and Stanstead House.  

“It sounds like a Messerschmidt” said one of our club members upon arrival to the show. “When you see the grille in your rear view mirror you know it is something menacing” he continued as we discussed the car and what an experience it was to stretch its legs. What surprised me was the reaction from passers-by and other motorists. The DBX707 was officially launched 1st February 2022 but you rarely see them on the road so it wasn’t surprising to see people excited at its presence.  

Once the car was in place at Steeleford it was fascinating to see just how much the crowds were attracted to the car. Even considering it was surrounded by a 1 of 2 carbon-bodied Noble M600 and various supercars from the likes of Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche. It’s fair to say the 707 could be considered a rare car on the day, I certainly didn’t see another one all weekend. 

The show was as brilliant as last year, although this year a further 4 helicopters turned up and certain members really did arrive in style. The usual array of supercars adorned the lawns of Stanstead House and it was a fantastic opportunity to catch up with old friends and make some new ones. 

Upon leaving the show, I was excited to be behind the wheel of the 707 again, but sad as I knew the car had to be returned the next morning and a week of work faced me. It would take me a while to come back to reality. 

I made sure to enjoy the drive home and continue to drive the car on various roads. There wasn’t one occasion where I felt the car wasn’t capable. I’m not sure many owners will take the 707 off roading but I’m sure it would be more than capable.  

Returning the car Monday morning came round far too quickly but I was happy to have experienced such a brilliant car. Big (yet felt small), fast (incredibly fast) and stunning to look at. Is this the only car you could ever need? Fast enough to keep up with anything from the likes of Lamborghini, Ferrari and the like and also incredibly practical. 

This truly was a ‘money can’t buy’ experience and a massive thank you to Harwoods Aston Martin Chichester for the opportunity. If you would like to arrange a test drive (I’d recommend it) then do not hesitate to get in touch and remember the benefits that being a club member gets you with Harwoods. 

Would you like to know more?

If you would like more information about this car or any other Aston Martin, to arrange a test drive, or to sell your Aston Martin, contact Aston Martin Chichester.

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