2020 is the Club’s 5th Anniversary

It seems like only a year ago a few of us decided to get the cars out and head to the pub! How time flies!

Whilst we started in 2015 and members were recruited via word of mouth back in those days, it wasn’t actually until March 2019, we launched a website and the associated social media pages. We have already had over 5000 unique visitors to our website viewing over 17,500 pages between them! The club has also now successfully grown to some 200 qualifying members.

To celebrate our 5th year, we decided to have a slight brand refresh. If you have a keen eye, you will have noticed our club logo has changed across our website and social media channels in recent days. It may have looked like a slight change but the logo has been completely redesigned from the ground up.

First of all, we wanted a new car picture that really encompassed as many of the supercar brands as we could, whilst still nodding to the heritage supercars of the past. This coupled with a couple of references to our name within the design.

In order to achieve this we commissioned a digital artist to take up this challenge. We turned to our very own John L to see what he could do with this almost impossible challenge.

John was able to come up with some initial drafts that immediately captured the mood. With a few tweaks later, we had ticked every box.

Can you spot all the car brand references?

As well as the supercar brand references, John was able to also squeeze a large Four (4) into the design as well as four little marks onto the front wing/door area.

This completed the basis for our new logo. After this, we trawled through different font designs until we found something that stood out and had a classy, quality appearance that both looked modern and traditional at the same time. The name has also been upgraded from Four Marks Car Club to Four Marks Supercar Club to better represent what the club has become today.

Thank you to John who did this artwork for free in his spare time as a contribution towards the club. He is awarded loyalty points for this work which will be added to his 2020 pot.

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