Aston Martin Valhalla

Another day, another new car is launched! This time Aston Martin’s new Hypercar…… wait…..what? Hang on, we thought the Valkyrie was Aston Martin’s new hypercar?? Surely they don’t have a ‘choice’ of hypercars these days??

It would appear so. The all-new Valhalla (the name has to start with a V, it’s the AM law. They must be running out of names soon?) is pitched at the £600,000 mark. A bargain if compared with their other hyper the Valkyrie at circa £2.5m!

It will be powered by a Mercedes AMG 4.0 V8 as well as a pair of electric motors boosting the total horse power to 937bhp that falls just behind the Ferrari SF90 at 986 bhp.

Whilst the Ferrari is a great looking car, the Valhalla could be considered more hypercar looking than the Italian counterpart. However, the Ferrari is considerably cheaper at around £375,000.

Interestingly, unlike the limited production Valkyrie, this will be an unlimited full production car in the Aston Martin line-up. A risky move at the price point? Many buyers would prefer to see the production limited at that level to ensure good residual values are maintained.

Delivery is being speculated towards the end of 2023, so if you have around £600,000 to spend on a new weekender, is there anything else out there in that sector that looks as crazy as this?