Invitation to McLaren MTC | Surrey

For those in the supercar world, it’s well known how impossible it is to get into Mclaren’s world-famous technology centre in Surrey. You can’t pay and do a tour, you have to be invited.

When the invitation arrived, we jumped at the chance! Only a small number of places were available so this became one of only a couple of VIP-only events.

On arrival, we were greeted on the boulevard by McLaren’s VIP & Corporate Relations Manager George F who personally escorted us into a show car room that featured the all new Artura.

It was clear that the Artura project had been a long time coming and it was important to McLaren that the car was honed and perfected before release. That time is now and George was excited to reveal the car’s intimate secrets to us.

George explained that whilst the car’s silhouette nods to the outbound 570s, there are only a couple of shared components.

We moved around the boulevard which had an array of featured McLaren cars from the past, as well as championship-winning F1 cars.

First things first was Bruce Mclaren’s first ever race car, the 1929 Austin 7 Ulster.

All the way through to the Speedtail and everything inbetween!

After the boulevard, we were reminded that no photographs were allowed, which limits what we can share with you at this point.

We did manage to sneak in the following photos from the no-photo areas, but don’t tell anyone!

How about this full-scale Senna created entirely from Lego!! We all took a piece of this one home!

What about this sneaky shot of the tunnel between the F1 side of MTC to the road car production facility?

Inside the road car production centre it was strictly no photographs, so this about wraps up our pictorial reflection of our visit.

Last up was the opportunity to grab a quick team photo from the day, which can be seen here:

Image taken by club photographer Mark Houldridge on the MTC boulevard showing (from left to right) our host George and club members; Greg, Stephen, Tony, Simone, Stewart, Nigel, Jenny, Colin, Petro, Michael, David, Mike, Andy & Ryan.

It was then time to go and grab lunch. For this, we booked a private room at the grand Silvermere Golf Club.

Silvermere Golf Club

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