Steeleford Hill Climb | Gloucestershire

We were delighted to be invited by Steeleford Events to their inaugural hill climb event at Prescott, the home of the Hill Climb.

As is becoming customary, one or two club members decided to make it an overnight affair with a club dinner the night before. The hotel was booked and the cars started to arrive…

It was clear that many had swapped out their supercars for cars even better suited to hot laps of a hill climb. Member cars such as Dean’s Ferrari 812 Superfast were swapped with his Category 5 Ford Fiesta Rally Car, Dan swapped out his Lotus LF1 for his Caterham and so on.

The Steeleford Hill Climb at Prescott, Gloucestershire, was a brand new and unique event that brought together some of the world’s most iconic supercars and their drivers for a day of thrilling hill climbs. The event is set to be held annually on the Prescott Speed Hill Climb course, which is a challenging and winding 1,127-yard climb up Cleeve Hill.

It was a popular event with spectators and drivers alike. Spectators enjoy the opportunity to see supercars up close and in action, while drivers enjoy the challenge of racing their own cars up the hill.

The event was held in August and was a huge success. Over 100 supercars took part in the event. It also featured a number of other attractions, such as a static supercar paddock, a dynamic supercar paddock, and exhibitor stands.

The event was a wonderful example of the passion and dedication that exists for motorsport in the UK.

Overall, we thought the Steeleford Hill Climb was a fantastic event that was well worth attending. It was a great day out for all the family. We look forward to attending next year!

Motorsport Can Be Dangerous

As with all motorsport, sometimes things go wrong. Today was the day when something did not go right.

Club editor Greg G was a passenger in this club member’s powerful KTM X-Bow R when the car skidded off the track and down a steep bank. The whole lap was caught on camera which you can watch here:

Thankfully, no one was hurt and the two walked away eventually laughing at their lucky escape.

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