Track Day at Snetterton | Norfolk

We head to Norfolk for a club track day at Snetterton Circuit where our full club members benefitted from preferential rates.

Snetterton Circuit is a cracking little circuit in the heart of Norfolk, England. It’s a popular destination for both motorsport fans and track day enthusiasts, and it’s easy to see why.

The circuit itself is a fast and flowing 3.2-mile layout, with a mix of corners to suit all driving styles. There’s the challenging Esses corner, the high-speed Agostini Bend, and the hairpin Palmer Bend.

Hotel Stop Over

Some club members decided it might be fun to head up the night before for dinner and banter. Everyone deciding who would lay down the fastest lap! Which car would handle the track the best!

Some of the drivers the night before.

Time to head to Track

An early start and we were off to the circuit to get ourselves booked in and set up. Some decided to have garages, some decided to bring their track car in trucks and trailers. Some even brought two cars to play with!

Once we had all congregated at the track, we reflected on the diverse range of cars we had for this track day. Many had swapped out their club supercar in favour of something more track focused or fun like Caterhams and an Ariel Atom.

This meant we had everything from McLaren to Mini Coopers! A fully electric Porsche Taycan GTS and even a BMW X6 M. But one thing they all shared? A driver who wanted to push their car harder and faster than one can do on the road.

This was the perfect opportunity to open the car up in relative safety.

Here are some of our cars out on track

For the full gallery, please scroll to the bottom of this page…

Video Feature | Out on Track in our Porsche 992 GT3

In this video, the lap was recorded in 4K with a special 360 degree camera on the day. This gives you the opportunity to move the camera to your preferred angle at any point during the lap using your finger or mouse. Depending on your phone, you may need to click on the YouTube logo first. Give it a try here:

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