Club heads to Salon Privé | London

We head to Salon Privé London which was held at the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, for the weekend.

We hear from Ferrari GTC4 Lusso owner Phil S about his experience of the event, and getting there:

Phil S here (right) with wife Jane and club member Greg G

Phil starts “Huge thanks to our sponsors for providing all club members guest tickets for the event on Saturday, a real bonus for being an FMSC club member. Bearing in mind that saved us all £50 each, and most of us had a guest too. Having said that, we appeared to blow that saving on Champagne alone!”

From that, I conclude that the sponsor should have been Pommery!”

“Meanwhile, the other topic of conversation amongst the privileged attendees was the journey into London.

Despite being a bunch of petrolheads most seemed to take the train. I wish we had, my recurring nightmare since approaching Battersea Bridge was seeing the narrow road warning, evidently my 6’8″ Ferrari GTC4 Lusso is indeed too wide for a 6’6″.

As I drove through the width restriction, the near side, diamond cut wheels collided with the kerb, Greg (club founder that had bummed a ride in the back) said, “I’m going to be sick”….. He wasn’t.”

“Hey ho, back to the event……. an array of “cars through the ages”, some awesome classics but it was the “new stuff” that grabbed my attention. The Maserati MC20 must be a step in the right direction for those of us who have had/enjoyed/endured/loved the Granturismo and Grancabrio. But will the V6 cut it?

Personally, I think it is now less distinguishable from a McLaren or Ferrari 488 style. Pricing looks to be close to £220K for a high spec. The Ferrari Roma is a similar price, which I have driven, but await the invitation for a spin in the MC20.”

“Now let’s touch on the cars that most of us aspire to….firstly, the circa 1.75 million pound Ferrari Daytona SP3. Wow, a “traditional” non turbo V12 6.5 litre lump delivers 829 hp through the 7 speed DCT box.

Even “wower” (perhaps), then what about the Aston Martin GT DBS  Zagato Coupe, with its twin turbocharged V12, the original plan from AM was to sell only paired cars, you had to buy a DB4 Zagato as well, with an eye watering £6 million price tag.

There will no doubt be a few used cars on the market, let’s see who the first FMSCC member is to get one, Jason??”

Some of the crew with social media & CarWow star Yianni (third from right)

Phil concludes “That’s it for this event. Congratulations Salon Privé on another successful show. We look forward to Blenheim later in the year.

Next up… Brooklands Italian Day on Saturday 30th April….

I’ll be there. Come and see my newly scraped wheels!”

Ferrari SP3 Daytona

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