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St James's Place Wealth Management Specialists
St James’s Place Wealth Management Specialists
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Regardless of how much ‘money’ you think you have, or don’t have, careful planning of what you do have is essential for every single person.

St James’s Place are a wealth management business that puts long-term relationships and trusted face-to-face financial advice at the centre of everything they do.

SJP can offer a wide variety of services including:

  • Savings
  • Trusts
  • ISAs
  • Pensions
  • Retirement Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • And much more
David Rampling - Lester Brunt Wealth Management

Club member David Rampling has been in financial services for XX years and understands the supercar owners needs and demands better than most wealth managers

David is happy to offer all fully paid-up 2020 members the opportunity for a totally free initial consultation at your business or your home at a mutually agreeable time to discuss and understand your individual circumstances.

After which, David will come back to you with a proposal for you to consider. You are not obligated to use his services at this point so there is no harm in getting some free advice.

Should you wish to take up some or all of his recommendations, as a fully paid-up member for 2020, you will benefit from a discount on any fees that are due.

But I dont want to pay any fees!

David says “If we didn’t make back our fees ‘and some’ based on our advise, we wouldn’t be doing our job or have a business left. Once a client starts using our services, they will very quickly realise this and see the benefits. If they do not get our fees back and leave us this is absolutely no use to us and it is essential for us to demonstrate what we can do and build long term relationships with every single client”

If you would like David to take a look at your personal circumstances, regardless of your perceived wealth, in the first instance, please fill out the below form and David will make contact.

For more information on Lester Brunt / St James Place, please visit their website

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Terms & Conditions

By completing the above form, you agree for Four Marks Car Club to forward your details to SJP for the purposes of making contact to arrange an initial telephone call/email

By filling out the above form you indemnify Four Marks Car Club from any disputes or claims that may occur in the future. You use our sponsor’s services entirely at your own risk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – I don’t have any wealth, i’m just a regular person

A – If you own your own home you are already more wealthy than a significant portion of the country.

Q – I have kids, do I need to consider them?

A – Yes, there are ways and means of protecting your kids financial future by setting yourself up in a tax efficient manner. You need to start this process off early as certain requirements mean if you do it last minute, you will not benefit from the tax breaks

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