Neal’s Lamborghini Huracán Performante

Our latest featured car is Neal’s jaw dropping 2019 Lamborghini Huracán LP640-4 Performante in ‘Verde Mantis’.

The Huracán , Spanish for “hurricane” is a supercar manufactured by Italian automotive giant Lamborghini replacing the previous V10 offering, the Gallardo.

The car made its worldwide debut at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show but the special edition ‘Performante’ didn’t land until 2017.

The Performante is a track focused variant with a number of upgrades both in terms of performance and styling.

Lamborghini Huracan LP640-4 Performante

The whole name of the car if often shortened to simply a ‘Perf’.

LP stands for Longitudinale Posteriore which roughly translates to ‘Longitudinal Position’ which refers to the longitudinal mid-rear engine position.

640 is the metric horse power and the -4 refers to the car being 4 wheel drive.


First of all lets take a look at the styling differences between this and the stock Huracán. The most notable visual difference, and the one that can tell the car apart from the rest, even from a distance, is the introduction of a high level adjustable rear wing made of carbon fibre. This adds additional down force to the car and some would say, making it look more ‘Lambo’ than the standard car.

Both the front and rear bumpers, along with the side sills are now made of Carbon Fibre, reducing the overall weight to the car.

Another ‘key’ visual feature of the ‘Perf’ is the rear exhausts. The standard car had the usual quad pipes, two either side of the car. On the Perf they have been raised to number plate height and now only two, larger pipes are fitted. These notably larger pipes were later carried forward to the next gen Huracán, the Evo.


Inside the car, the Perf got new seats and a digital speedometer, similar to their flagship car, the Aventador.

Engine, Weight and Performance

The 5.2 litre V10 was re tuned to squeeze a further 30 PS from the next most powerful Huracán, the LP-610 to bring the overall PS to 640.

Weight was reduced by 40kg from the standard car too by way of introducing forged carbon components. The car also utilises Lamborghini’s ALA (Aerodinamica Lamborghini Attiva) system which is said to be 80% lighter than conventional sports car hydraulic systems.

The aero on the Perf is all ‘Active’ and therefore offers varied levels of down force depending on individual driving conditions. The ALA system is also quoted as providing 750% more down force than the standard Huracán!

0-62 is now just 2.9 seconds (compared to 3.6 seconds of the slowest Huracán) and heads all the way up to 218 mph

The Perf is 10% stiffer than the standard car too to allow for better track work.

Is the Performante a current model?

The answer to this question is No…….at the moment. This is because recently Lamborghini released the mid cycle face-lifted Huracán, now described as the Huracán Evo. Much of the styling of the new Evo has been taken from the Perf. The new Evo now also has all the performance tweaks from the Perf too.

This leaves us to wonder, what will the performance version of the Evo look like? Will it be an Evo Performante? What more can be squeezed out of this race car to go even further? Or will they just simply not bother with a special edition and instead focus on the Huracán’s successor? Only time will tell!

More about Neal

Neal is thankfully one of our regulars at the club. He is certainly no stranger to supercars and has a bit of a back catalogue of cars so far. This being his second Lambo since being a club member.

Neal started off his supercar experience at that manufacturer that resides just down the road from Sant’Agata, Italy where the Lamborghini Factory is based. His adventures started with a manufacture based in a little place called Maranello, Italy. You know the one, the one that likes to paint their cars red?

Well normally at least, as Neal decided to do it differently. His first Ferrari was this beautiful yellow Ferrari 355 GTS with lift out roof panel.

Ferrari F355 GTS

Then came a car from another part of Europe, this time Germany for his Porsche 911

Porsche 911 Carrera 4S with factory ‘Aero’ kit

Then to another European country: England! for his next car was to be James Bond style with a 2nd gen Aston Martin DB9 V12

Aston Martin DB9

But then he was back to Italy for his next purchase and has stayed there ever since. First up was this Lamborghini Gallardo

Lamborghini Galardo

Then, up next was his first Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 which he joined our club with

Photo: ForTheDrive – Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4

And finally, his most recent acquisition; the Lamborghini Huracan LP640-4 Performante!

Lamborghini Huracan LP640-4 Performante

Neal’s Daily Drives

Not wishing to commute to work in discomfort or slowly, Neal decided on this rather splendid Jaguar XKR as his daily commute. Not bad, eh?

Jaguar XKR 5.0 V8 Supercharged

And if the weather is fine, he is just as happy on two wheels when he takes this BMW K1600GTL, which happens to be the same model as F1 commentator Martin Brundle chooses!

BMW K1600GTL – How many exhaust holes is that??

Perf Gallery

All photos by our club Photographer. Please ensure you tag the club in any photos used on social media.

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