Martin heads to Italy to spec his new car

One of the founding members of the FMCC Martin B has been lucky enough to have owned two Lamborghinis already by the modest age of just 25. Firstly a used Murcielago and then more recently a brand new Huracan LP610-4. But late in 2018 and to celebrate his 29th birthday, he flew out to Sant Agata, Italy to spec up his third car from the famous italian super car brand. This time their flagship car, the Aventador SVJ. This is the ‘Race’ version of their incredibly capable Aventador S

An almost impossible array of colour choices, Martin finally settled on XXXXXXXX exterior with a XXXXXX leather interior and finished off with XXXXX wheels. Sorry, the exact spec is highly secret and you’ll need to wait until May to find out the details.

2019 Lamborghini Aventador SVJ – 6.5 V12 – 759 bhp – 217 mph – 0-62 in 2.9 secs

What does SVJ stand for? Super Veloce Jota

Martin has invited FMCC members to join him in a convoy to his chosen Lamborghini dealer on collection day. All details are top secret and will only be available in the group chat. Not in the group chat? You need to head over to our Facebook page, like the page and contact admin who, assuming you meet our criteria, will add you to the event group chat.

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