Stonor Supercar Sunday

Our resident Maserati GranTurismo owner; Dean S fills us in on the Stonor Super Car convoy and event that took place earlier today!

Route – Camberley, Yateley, Wokingham, Twyford, Henley-on-Thames, Stonor Park

Granturismo left Camberley and met McLaren in Yateley and as planned (within 5 minutes) the other convoy of five cars pulled up and we left.

Eyes of pedestrians were certainly turning – not a normal Sunday 7:30am sight.

All went to well until we reached Wokingham, when a mixture of RED traffic lights and Sunday cyclists meant Granturismo and McLaren got left behind. Neither had been to Stonor before so the McLaren Sat Nav aided our journey and the two cars made their way through the country lanes in the morning sunshine.
Amazingly as the two cars entered Twyford, from a left-hand turning came the Ascari and the others. The seven car convoy was back on.

The bunting was out for our arrival in Henley, and we proceeded towards Stonor Park. As we entered the hamlet of Stonor the Ascari pulled over – it’s ‘character’ had reared it’s head again and had died. With Ascari’s permission some cars carried on, and fingers were crossed. After a short while the Ascari burst back into life and we all met up within the grounds.

Stonor House has been in the Stonor family for 850 years but this was only the second Supercar Sunday event. Around 180 pre-registered Supercars were parked in front of the house with the overflow of Exotic cars being parked near the entrance.

Supercar owners were treated to breakfast and a picnic box lunch whilst the paying visitors wandered up and down the cars which ranged from a 1955 300SL Mercedes GullWing to a LaFerrari and everything in between.

At 12:45 I was asked to participate in an event for a co-sponsor of the event, CHPT3 (Clothing range) and Brompton Bikes. Seven cars were selected and asked to have a foldable bike placed in its boot – the selected Lambo and Aston still couldn’t shut their boot!
An interesting ‘secret’ specticle for the day.

Stonor Park was a very family friendly location with many games and amusements for the whole family but the amount of cars you could get up close and personal with was like nothing I’d experienced. A true car lovers treat, and I plan to attend next year and bring the family (and dog).

Upon leaving the Exotics car park was filled with many supercars which clearly didn’t make it in – Ferraris, Porsches etc etc.  Car heaven !

Like all Four Marks Car Club events – a treat – can’t wait until the next one !

Mr Maserati signing off.

  • Words & Photos by Dean S
  • Cover photo by Andrew B
  • Convoy video by Dean G

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