Beaulieu Supercar Sunday

For our 12th event of 2019, we headed over to Beaulieu Palace House for their annual Supercar Weekend.

Meet up and convoy

15 cars met to convoy including Neal’s new Lamborghini Huracan Performante and Martin’s (less than a day old) Lamborghini Aventador SVJ!

Footage from the back of a McLaren 570s departing FM and the passenger seat of an R8 Spider on route

Four Marks Car Club Display Stand

This year we were invited to display a selection of our cars within our own display area located in a prime position and in front of Lamborghini UK!

The Four Marks Car Club display in front of all other car club displays!
Our line up of cars starts at 10 secs in and ends at 60 secs in

Martin was asked by Beaulieu to display his car in the main event arena which sadly for us meant he was not on our club display. Nevertheless, the car looked outstanding in the sunshine with the satin finish. It certainly attracted plenty of attention throughout the day!

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

On Arrival

On arrival, we headed to the hospitality tent for refreshments and pastries. This area is set aside for supercar owner/drivers only.

Some of the gang catching up over a few refreshments
Greg with Phil & Jane sporting their club merchandise outside the Abbey ruins

The annual drag strip show

As previous visitors to Beaulieu’s Supercar Weekend will know, they have a display of cars heading up and down the hill in front of the crowds. This year, just Martin from FMCC took part in this display in his satin yellow Aventador SVJ!

Martin tears up the strip!

After the show

Having spent the entire day at the show, we decided to head off for a quick blast before arriving at a pub in the New Forest for a relaxed debrief and catch up with old and new members.

Credits & Feedback

Thank you to all club members that joined us for the convoy, show and pub, your loyalty points have been added to your account!

Thank you to any and all that contributed to any of the above photos and videos.

Thank you to Dan at Beaulieu who organised this fabulous event and with his team, got us all parked safely.

Just got home from a great day with you guys and girls. @Greg as always great organisation. Thank you. @Martin love the car
See you all next week. Many thanks again

Dean – McLaren 570s

Thank you Greg for a lovely day. See you Saturday. Jane Phil Xx

Phil & Jane – Maserati GranCabrio MC Stradale

Great day, thank you 👍

Kamil – Camero ZL1

Agreed great day & good to see you all 😎 nice convoy too 😇😂🏁

Michael – Porsche 911 GT3

Yes awesome day again. Well organised show and great company. Catch up soon

Adrian – Ferrari 458 Spider

Good run and show,
Cheers Greg for sorting it out 👍

Simon – Ferrari Mondial

Many thanks Greg great day looking forward to next week

Andy – Jaguar XKR ‘Palmer Sport’

Great day thanks Greg

Andy – Ascari Ecosse & Tesla Roadster

The Official Beaulieu Programme

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