Brands Hatch – Festival Italia

The Starting Line

Today a small group of members headed to this all-Italian event at the legendary Brands Hatch circuit.

A short clip of ‘boys will be boys’ on route to the event.

Arrival At Brands Hatch

After a spirited hour’s drive, we arrived at the circuit. Those in the convoy with Italian cars were allowed to display their cars in the circuit (by prior approval of Brands Hatch).

On arrival, the heavens opened up for about 3 hours so it was breakfast and beer in the restaurant!

After which, the sun came out for the rest of the day and there was plenty going on round the circuit including this grid walk.

Picture Credit – Festival Italia Facebook Page

Members Cars On Display

Membership Badge Reveal

Who is carrying our badge today?

First look at Bruce’s Ferrari 488 Pista Spider

Bruce picked up his car just two days before Brands Hatch so this was the cars maiden voyage! We take a quick look round the car which is surely one of the first in the UK.


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