Breakfast at Premier GT | West Sussex

We were delighted to be invited back to club partner’s Premier GT luxury and Supercar Specialists in Pulborough, West Sussex for a complimentary luxury breakfast.

After meeting at various rendevous points, we set off for a spirited drive across country. Resident photographer Mark Houldridge was at Alton capturing the cars as they departed.

Arrival at Premier GT

Upon arrival, we were met by the Premier GT team who guided us in and got us all parked up safely. It was then time to enjoy the food and drinks that had been laid on especially for us at Four Marks Supercar Club.

After basking in the sunshine it was sweet shop time. That is to say the showroom, full to the brim with exotic and luxury cars for sale.

Of particular interest was this McLaren 765 LT Spider. A rare car to say the least!

Our two club member’s Maserati MC20s certainly generated a lot of interest!

Congratulations to club member

Congratulations to club member Pete S who just could not resists this gorgeous Rolls Royce Dawn and decided to snap it up there and then! The perfect choice for summer cruising and compliments his growing portfolio of exotic cars.

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Our signature walkaround
Event Video by Premier GT

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