Zebra Home Cinema Demo | Hampshire

A few lucky club members headed to Habitech in Basingstoke, Hampshire courtesy of club partner Zebra Home Cinema, and Samsung UK.

We were treated to a wonderful demonstration of a full range of cinema set-ups to suit every budget! From a few £thousand right up to a £300,000 installation!

After a spirited drive over to their demo rooms, we were greeted with an incredible breakfast buffet.

Of particular interest was Samsung’s ‘The Wall’, a staggering 147″ 4k widescreen LED TV! Mega bright and doesn’t need a dark room to show off its super bright HDR depth.

We then went around various setups in a number of different rooms showing what could be achieved using a mixture of projectors and flat-screen TVs.

Samsung’s The Wall

Halfway around, we stopped once more, this time for a lunch buffet. A fabulous mix of foods complimented our debrief of what we’d seen so far!

It was then time to go up the budget ladder to the big boy rooms!

And finally the showcase room, some £300k worth of kit. But let us tell you, this was the one. The mix of large 6m screen size and the very best of speakers and amps that money can buy, coupled with all the best room acoustics installed made for the very best possible movie-watching experience.

If you would like your own demo or some advice on what to do in your cinema project, please head to the Zebra Home Cinema page and fill out the form you’ll find there.

Someone will then come back to you to discuss your requirements.

Event Video


Thanks once more to Zebra Home Cinema for putting this event together, as well as all your support over the years, particularly to Atif.

Thanks to Habitech for their hospitality on the day, we look forward to working with you again on the next event.

Thank you to Samsung UK who helped sponsor today’s event.

Thanks to club member Warren OC who did all the correspondence for this event.

Thank you to those club members that were able to attend.

If you would like to be involved in the next one, please first get yourself registered (these types of events are for full members only). Full members contact admin, so we can put you on a wait list.

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