FMSC Exclusive Event at HR Owen Ferrari | London

This was by far the biggest and most impressive breakfast meet we’ve ever had! Read on for all the details….

The team at HR Owen had kindly invited us to bring 40 of our club cars to their London aftersales facility to attend a very special event that they had arranged exclusively for FMSC.

The invitation promised:

  • Exclusive event ONLY for FMSC full club members
  • Reserved VIP parking for all our club cars
  • Unlimited fully catered breakfast
  • Unlimited hot and cold drinks
  • Hosted by HR Owen’s Ferrari Aftersales Director and General Manager
  • Ferrari Representatives from Italy to greet us and talk through the brand at factory level
  • The whole aftersales workshop converted into a showroom, displaying a range of their latest models, Ferrari hypercars plus other super rare cars (see the list below)
Alton Meet Squad

So on the day, different squads met up at different meet points. The main squad met in Alton and the run up to London included the classic Hindhead Tunnel run, only because we’re all children!

After the various squads had made it into London, we all arrived at the HR Owen Aftersales facility. Our photographer Mark Houldridge was on hand, snaping the arrivals.

Our usual eclectic mix of sports and supercars parked up ready

The list of cars on display by HR Owen was endless but the particular highlights included:

  • Eric Clapton’s LaFerrari
  • Gordon Ramsay’s LaFerrari
  • Ferrari Enzo
  • 7 x SF90 Stradale
  • Ferrari F512M
  • Ferrari 812 GTS
  • Jaguar XJ220
  • Plus another dozen ‘regular’ Ferrari models 😉

Plus 2 Mega Rare and Exclusive cars that included:

  • Kimi Räikkönen’s 2015 Ferrari SF15-T F1 car!!! 😱
  • Eric Clapton’s Ferrari SP EC (1 of 1)
Kimi Räikkönen’s 2015 Ferrari SF15-T F1 car
Eric Clapton’s Ferrari SP EC (1 of 1). A homage to the Ferrari 512 BB 512i Boxer. Costing Eric an eye-watering £3m

After around 3 hours of socialising, banter, car porn, and ‘trying to fit Greg into a McLaren 720s Spider frunk’ it was time for some of the attendees to head off to stop no. 2 – Historic Ace Cafe for a debrief on what we’d seen that morning.

We almost closed the lid on Greg, people pushed pretty hard!

Thanks to HR Owen’s team who gave up their day, and to everyone in the club that helped make the event happen! 🎉

Ace Cafe

One or two of the cars leaving Ace Cafe for part 3 of the day…..

Hoon into Central London

Then, it was stop 3: Central London Hoon.

It was time for the die-hards who didn’t want the day to end to head into central London for a blast through the classic ‘car-spotter’ locations that included Chelsea & Mayfair.

After which it was on to Battersea Park for coffee.

As the amazing day came to a close, the sun went down in London’s Battersea, we headed home…..

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