Club Heads to Zach’s Garage | Surrey

We head once again to what is now known as Zach’s Garage. The Robert & Tanya Lewis collection is publicised via their son’s social media channels.

We were invited to come along to see the collection as well as hear from the team at Treloars, a school that provides education, care, therapy, medical support, and independence training to young people with physical disabilities from all over the UK and overseas.

Around 30 full club members and their plus one’s visited the private collection.

We hear from club Member Warren O who was on site taking in the collection of over 70 cars!

We join Warren as he arrives….

The long winding road leading up to Zachs Garage / Robert & Tanya Lewis collection is incredibly unassuming for what is about to transpire.

Over 30 supercars, including the latest SF90 from Ferrari through to an original Lamborghini Murcielago adorned the field next to the Lewis’ impressive museum. Other notable cars included many special editions from the prancing horse, 458 Speciale, 360 Challenge Stradale, and even a 16m through to a plethora of McLarens. 

Catering staff were on hand to offer every guest a drink upon arrival and we had some time to catch up with friends and peruse some of the impressive car collection.

After a few canapes and (alcohol free) beer we listened to the CEO of Treloar school provide some insight into the wonderful school that Robert and Tanya are keen supporters of. Followed by an insight into a father of twins who attends Treloar. The school runs on charitable donations and it was heartwarming to hear the stories.

Robert then provided the club with an in depth tour and walk around of what can only be described as the most eclectic car collection / museum in existence. No less than 6 rooms full of cars from modern supercars from Pagani and Koenigsegg, through to a Sinclair C5 and the car from Bergerac!

Robert had a story behind every car, piece of memorabilia, or tractor and his passion for his collection was both contagious and inspiring.

This really was a money can’t buy experience for the club.

After the tour, members were free to walk around the entire collection / museum at their leisure and catch up with fellow club members. The catering staff was always on hand to ensure there was never an empty belly or glass all night.

Personally, I could have walked around and taken pictures of the cars all day but alas it was time to head home. Another fantastic event for the club and now that the longer days are here the future looks bright for future events in 2022.

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