Drone Sessions


Using a drone to capture footage of your car is a fun and exciting way of getting video that, just a few years ago, would have required you to hire a helicopter and camera crew, costing you £10’s of thousands!

Nowadays with modern, affordable drones that feature 4K cameras and motorised image stabilising gimbals, the footage can be obtained relatively cheaply. Good 4K drones are typically £1000 – £1500 and the footage you get looks like it came straight from Top Gear, after a lot of practice and a dollop of post production of course!

We are fortunate in the club, that we have 2 fully qualified drone pilot club members, each with their own 4K Drone.

We are looking to create a drone footage montage, of as many club cars as possible. In order to do this, we need to do multiple sessions, with multiple cars over the coming months.

Would you be up for such a session?

What do I get?

An approx 3 hour filming session, around 2 hours post production and an HD Master Video of approx 3 minutes (This sounds short but if you think each clip will only last around 6 seconds, this will require a lot of footage) of your car.

This session will include both drone, and ground level motorised image stabilisation gimbals so we can capture aerial, as well as walk-around, even interior footage.

Sample Footage Shot by our Club
This footage has been scaled down to 720 HD, your session will be in full 4K

Register your interest

If you would be interested in having your car shot with a 4K drone, please register your interest in the first instance.

This is a FREE service if you’re a Full Member. If you are a Free Level Club Member, a 3 hour session (with around 2 hours post production) is a £65* donation to the club (this would typically cost you around £200+ elsewhere so a very competitive way to have this keepsake of your car).

*Subject to availability

Shot using a 4K Drone at one of our events in 2019
More Drone Footage from a Club Event