Beaulieu Supercar Sunday

We look back at our visit to Beaulieu for their annual Supercar Weekend. A club favourite for years, and this year was no exception!

This year our paddock was double the size of last year but was, once again, in the most forward position and in front of the Lamborghini and Porsche Owners Club’s paddocks.

Despite the British weather, we had around 50 club cars join us in the rain. Fortunately, the rain cleared up around lunchtime.

Demonstration Run

One of the main attractions of this event is the Demonstration Run, which features a long straight where supercar owners can do a standing start, hard stop in front of the crowd, followed by another launch.

A number of the club members took part in this demo run. Please take a look at our montage video below.

Sound Off

After the demo run, it was time for the Beaulieu Sound Off Competition. Who would have the loudest car on-site?

Again we had representation in this by our club members. In fact, Jesse H reached the final only to be robbed by the winner pulling his son from the car to get bigger cheers!! Lesson learnt Jesse, you need to have your daughter with you next time!

Jesse in the light blue Lambo and Warren in his bright yellow Audi R8

After their sound off, it was time for our own FMSC sound off! We managed to record more than a dozen of the club cars before we were finally shut down for making too much noise!To see the results of the sound off, head to our leaderboard here:

McLaren, Lotus, Ferrari. Which would you go for?

That wraps it up for this event. Stay tuned for our next post, coming soon! We were invited for a full factory tour of a famous watch brand’s worldwide HQ!!

Event Videos

A montage of some of the club members on the demo run
Greg takes the Taycan Turbo up the strip
Some of the gang hang out in the driver’s hospitality area