Private Medical Insurance

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Vizion Health offers bespoke advice on private medical insurance, specific to each individual scenario. This may be for individuals and families, businesses and international clients alike.

Whether you are currently insured and have been for a number of years, or are looking to take out PMI for the first time it is extremely important to receive advice. This will help you to understand the policy and how pre-existing conditions come in to play.

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Why not consider a totally free review of your existing policy with no obligation, or advice around taking out PMI for the first time, as well as access to custom incentives which have been given by insurers to Vizion Health.

Most people either think that they already have a good deal on their health insurance, and therefore don’t review it, or they have had a number of pre-existing conditions and worry that they won’t get cover elsewhere.

In both of the situations mentioned above, it’s likely that improvements can be made, whether that is by changing to an alternative provider or adjusting your cover level with your existing provider.

Sometimes making no change at all is the best advice.

Private Medical Insurance is a complex product and as such needs tailored advice which insurers do not offer directly. We are an impartial broker working with market leading providers to offer solutions within an ever growing market.

For individual/family policies, we can currently guarantee to lower your existing premium for comparable cover. This is subject to standard medical questions which can be discussed on a case by case basis.

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Vizion Insurance will guarantee to lower your premium for comparable cover!

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