New Year’s Day – Brooklands

A small number of brave souls set their alarms for far too early on New Year’s Day. Why? Because it was not only the first event of the year for the club but also the largest gathering of cars of the year for Brooklands Motor Museum.

Tesco was a bit busy at the weekend!

First a pitch black drive up to to a meeting point just up the road from the Museum. Once we had met up, we all convoyed into the event and parked the cars on display together.

Brave or stupid for getting up at the crack of dawn to head to Brooklands? You decide!

A huge collection of some 1250 cars of all ages gathered on site. A casual stroll around the site led to the most popular phrase ‘I used to have one of those!’

Part of the old banking from the historic motor circuit
Around 1250 cars of all ages!

Thankfully there were a number of Brooklands Members amongst us so we were able to relax in the members lounge for a lengthy discussion on electric cars, amongst other things!

Discussing what cars we should all buy next!

One Club member swapped his usual drive for the weekend, his lovely Maserati GranTurismo for his 1964 split-screen VW Camper!

Tony’s beautiful VW Camper at Brooklands


More generic photos from the day can be found here:

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